A young boy sets fire to his bedroom while trying to light candles after the council left electricity for him for five days

A family with a weak child and a child were forced to live without electricity and heating for five days and even thought they were going to be “killed” after a fire broke out when the child decided to light a candle. One adult in Bromley’s home – a woman who wishes to remain anonymous – said her home had suffered a severe deterioration.

She says she lives with a broken radiator that came out of the wall, a hole-hole in the ceiling caused by a leak, crumbling walls, mold and a plant growing through the wall. The woman says she was left feeling “sad” after the children were left “frozen” and claims they “could be killed” while wiring problems remained unresolved by their letting agency.

She said: I was in my bedroom. [The toddler] He wanted to go to the toilet and the child followed him. It seemed so calm to him just going to the toilet. I didn’t even have a chance to be treated. Honestly, we could have been killed. It was enough to burn the curtains and everything. ”

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A small child living at home lit a candle as they were forced to live without electricity

She added that the child with ADHD and autism “thought he was doing something really well” by lighting the candle, which they used to use to light the house. She says she was first placed in the house as a temporary paid accommodation at night in 2013 after escaping stalking and harassment.

Currently, the house has working lights only in the sitting room downstairs and one of the bedrooms upstairs. The woman says that children often hit the walls, and recently, after contracting a stomach germ, have been vomiting during the night in the dark.

They were forced to use candles and phone torches to cook meals in the kitchen

The Londoner says she requested adequate housing for the vulnerable child, but that such offers from Bromley Council were deemed inappropriate even by her occupational therapist. After turning down a property 80 miles from London and away from an elderly relative she was caring for, as well as another house that had no outside area she said she needed for a child with special needs, the mother went back and forth with the rental agency and council.

The tenant claims there was “racism” and “bullying” by an agent at the rental agency and that the board failed to calculate their offers for suitable homes. MyLondon asked Bromley Council why tenant offers were not counted but they did not respond directly to the request.

The woman says she received an “illegal” eviction letter from the agency after she blocked the agent on WhatsApp. She says that on the day they were asked to leave – April 30, 2022 – they stayed home but were left in complete darkness and without heating for about a week.

The tenant said, ‘We didn’t feel warm until the following Wednesday. We had to take all my food out of the freezer. Even though it was supposed to be spring, that particular weekend the kids and I were totally freezing. It’s heartbreaking to see Children suffer.”

The ceiling has a gap hole from the leak in the bathroom

The letter seen by MyLondon that was sent to the woman from the rental agency stated that Bromley Council was aware that they had “initiated eviction proceedings” and that “warrants would turn up the property” and “change the locks”. However, the woman claims that the council also confirmed that the eviction was illegal.

The woman says she was depressed and contemplated suicide because she says the council failed to re-house her and her weak child in proper housing.

She said, “I feel depressed. I’ve thought about suicide, but because of these kids but I think to myself that they’re going to be disciplined. I got to that point where I thought about how to do it, I thought about it.”

A plant grew across the wall twice as the woman was forced to cut it down

The rental agency says it has tried to make repairs on the “risky” property but has not been able to get to it. The woman filed a complaint with Bromley Council as well as with the Permit Agency about issues she was having with the permission agent, but says the council did not respond to her.

MyLondon asked Bromley Council why it had not received a response but they did not respond directly to the request. A council spokesman said: “This is a complex housing issue and we continue to work to resolve it and still hope to find a solution.”

The woman hopes that she will “get justice” and move to suitable permanent housing.

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