A truly stunning clifftop house for sale after a decade-long saga of disaster and triumph

Few houses are famous – or even infamous – before they come to the market, but such is the case with Chesil Cliff House, in Croyde, Devon.

Twelve years ago, all that stood in this place were the remains of an ancient lighthouse building. It’s part of the North Devon coast that’s as wild and exposed as anywhere along the southwest coastal path, sitting on the rocky headland between Saunton Sands and Croyde Beach, facing directly west toward the Atlantic Ocean. From here, the next landmass is Newfoundland.

Today, it is the site of one of Britain’s most striking seaside homes, where everything possible has been done to bring bricks, mortar, cliffs, and water together. Chesil Cliff House is looking for a new owner, and Knight Frank takes over the sale for a asking price of £10m.

Natural light streams in at Chesil Cliff House, Croyde, North Devon

Why is Chisel Cliff House notorious? This is the bottom of the popular and hugely influential property TV show grand designs, which premiered on The House in 2019 (you can watch the full episode here). The show has chronicled the ups and downs – largely, in all honesty – of Edward and Hazel Short’s gigantic mission as they attempted to spend 18 months and £1.5 million to create their dream home.

Cliff Chazelle House, Croyd, North Devon

Everything that could possibly go wrong has happened to the poor couple, who have literally stretched to breaking point: they end up going their separate ways, leaving the project unfinished (“a half-finished, desolate corpse” in always poetic words). grand designs Host Kevin McCloud) owes Edward nearly £4 million. It was a grim ending to the show as any broadcast ever.

Cliff Chazelle House, Croyd, North Devon

But thanks to immense credit, Edward chose himself and went on to finish the job. Defying anxious creditors, engineering challenges, constantly raging elements, and supply chain woes brought on by the pandemic, this gorgeous Art Deco-inspired home now stands proudly atop the crashing waves of the Atlantic, with stunning views and serene endlessly indoor space and a seemingly infinite pool. Borrowed from a mansion in the Hollywood Hills.

The gorgeous pool at Chesil Cliff House, Croyde, North Devon

Accessed via a cantilever bridge to the garage (the building was one of many challenges), the house shows signs of not living in it, not least in the sense that even lists of room types are fluid: ‘5-8 bedrooms are likely, 5-6 bathrooms, 5-8 bathrooms is a vague guide as we’ve seen for some time, but the photos here are likely to be meaningful to that. And if you need more living space – or want workplaces for employees – there is an annex a few meters along the cliff called The Eye.

Cliff Chazelle House, Croyd, North Devon

There are rooms which can be home offices, dressing rooms, dressing rooms or sleeping quarters, all either adjacent to the main living space or in one of the towers at the end; The semi-circular dining room and office with the best view we’ve seen in a long time are among the highlights.

Cliff Chazelle House, Croyd, North Devon

There are also many other things you would want to see in an eight-figure house, from the cinema and steam room to the elevator, plus that cool infinity pool. And while it’s 99% done, there are some things—flooring, for example—that Edward leaves for the new owners; Quite reasonable, considering those with £10m to spend will certainly want to put their own stamp on the house.

How much work would you do in a home office with this type of display? Cliff Chazelle House, Croyd, North Devon

Despite those few loose ends, it’s pretty unusual to put it in such great shape considering how things looked in 2017, when we first ran out of money. How did Edward find the energy to pick himself up and keep going? Had a great interview with times Two weeks ago, he paid tribute to his daughters and his ex-wife: “I didn’t want to overburden the family with the legacy of a failed building,” he said. I didn’t want to associate my wife and daughters with my bad dreams.

Cliff Chazelle House, Croyd, North Devon

This is not a bad way to look at it. tracking grand designs Later in the year, at which time Edward was hoping he would have sold and then moved on, but either way the best new find would be his name’s A Story of Perseverance and Sheer Success, rather than having starred in the saddest episode of the Channel 4 show.

Chesil Cliff House (including The Eye accessory) is up for sale via Knight Frank for £10m – see more details and photos.

The Eye is a separate annex at Chesil Cliff House, 50 yards or further along the Cliffs.

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