A man threatens a Shell worker who refuses to sell him alcohol; Man running from the scene: Berea police blotter

Berea, Ohio –

Threat: Prospect Street

A Berea man, 26, was arrested around 12:30 a.m. May 5 after he threatened a Shell worker, 20 Prospect, who had refused to sell him alcohol.

The worker said the man entered the store around 11:45 p.m. May 4 and tried to buy beer. However, his driver’s license had expired, so the worker refused to purchase. The man verbally abused the worker and threatened to physically harm her after her shift.

The man returned to the store shortly after midnight on May 5, this time accompanied by his neighbor, 43. Tried again to buy beer and was refused again. Then the man asked his neighbor to buy him a beer. The worker said no, because of the store’s policy prohibiting the sale of alcohol to anyone who gives it to someone who is not allowed to have it.

The man shouted obscenities at the worker and threatened her again. He walked outside, punched and spat on the shop window before turning away.

Police found the man and his neighbor walking north on Prospect. They handcuffed him and took him to the police station, where he was booked for threatening.

Leaving the crash site: Prospect Street

Police hope to identify and arrest a Honda Civic driver involved in a car crash around midnight on May 7 in Prospect.

Accident details are not available. When the police arrived, they spoke to the other driver involved in the accident. She was driving a Toyota Camry and had no injuries, but because the airbag was activated, the police were asked to call paramedics to the scene. The woman refused medical treatment.

Honda Civic, with severe damage to the front end, parked in front of a house in Prospect. The driver had fled, witnesses said. A man living in the home of a Civic driver Prospect described to police.

Another Prospect resident said the driver was a 30-year-old Brook Park resident. Police checked the Civic through their computer system and learned that the owner of the car had the same last name as the Brooke Park man, who was wanted in Parma, whose driver’s license had been suspended.

Police were still trying to reach Brooke Park’s man at the time of the report.

Operating a vehicle under the influence: Front Street

Dellwood, Minn., woman, 20, was arrested at approximately 4 a.m. May 7 after her Volvo S60 crashed into a road sign on the front.

Someone saw the accident and called the police. When the police arrived, the car disappeared. Middleburg Heights police found a Volvo parked in the grass outside Berea Midpark High School on Bagley Road and Eastland.

The woman told police that a deer ran in front of her car on the front. She said she swerved to avoid hitting the animal and lost control of her car. Five passengers were in her car at the time but they turned away. The police found the passengers and collected them to ensure their safety.

The woman said she was at Front Saint Social in Berea earlier but did not drink alcohol there. However, the woman smelled like alcohol. You failed the field sobriety tests.

One of the woman’s passengers said everyone in her car was drinking at Front Saint Social. He said the woman passed a red light before losing control of the car and crashing the sign.

Car theft: East Bagley Road

A 2012 Ford Econoline 350 was stolen between 5:30 a.m. on 4 and 9 a.m. May 6 from outside OhioGuidestone, 202 East Bagley.

It was not clear whether the car was locked or not. The car was later found on Florian Street in Cleveland. License plates have been changed.

Theft: Edgewood Circle

A wallet containing about $150 in cash, a debit card, and a credit card was stolen late May 5 or early May 6 from a car parked outside a house in Edgewood.

It was not clear whether the car was locked or not. The wallet was later found on Race Street, but the money and cards were missing.

Trespassing: Franklin Drive

At approximately 3:30 a.m. May 6, unidentified persons entered two parked vehicles in a driveway in Franklin.

The crime was caught on a home security video. The sedan stopped in front of the victim’s driveway. Then someone got into one of the victim’s cars.

Two other cars stop and stop. A person jumped out of one of the cars and got into the second car of the victim. Then both suspects left the vehicles, got into the sedans and drove away. Nothing has been reported missing from either vehicle.

Police were unable to identify the suspects or obtain a description of them through the video. It was not clear whether the doors of the victim’s car were locked, but there were no signs of a break-in.

Operating a vehicle under the influence: East Bagley Road & Tressel Street

A Berea man, 65, was arrested around 3pm on May 6 after police found him unconscious behind the wheel of a Ford F-150 pickup parked in East Bagley and Trysil.

The truck was parked in an active school district although it was not clear if the vehicle was in East Bagley or Tressel. The truck was going, the engine was running, so the police stopped a cruiser in front of the car.

The police knocked on the truck window and the man woke up. They asked him to stop the truck, but instead he turned the engine off without changing gears. The man said he was tired from work but smelled like alcohol and his eyes were bloodshot and glassy.

The man admitted to only drinking two beers earlier but failed field sobriety tests. He had been convicted by OVI six times over the past twenty years.

Criminal Damage: South Rocky River Drive

Vandals sprayed sexually explicit and vulgar language at swimming pools in Coe Lake Park and Gazebo on South Rocky River.

Graffiti was sprayed on bathroom walls, mirrors, showers, and booths. Additional drawings are found on pillars below the garden pavilion.

Video from security cameras outside the restrooms may help police identify vandals. A female citizen told the police that she believes that two events and two events caused the damage. I provided their descriptions to the police.

Criminal damages: Daisy Street and Adalbert Street

Police were called around 4 p.m. May 9 regarding stolen street signs in Daisy and Adalbert. Someone broke the clamps that hold the banners to the poles.

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