A man allegedly crashes into a stolen car and attacks a deputy corrections officer

A man suspected of crashing a car reported stolen in Bellingham allegedly attempted to open the doors of two passing cars, damaging one of them as he tried to flee the scene.

Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office booked Vincent Russell, 35, into Whatcom County Jail on April 14 on suspicion of several charges including possession of a stolen vehicle, attempted police evasion, assault, malicious harm and resisting arrest. Prison records show he is being held in lieu of $75,000 bail.

Three days after his arrest, Russell reportedly assaulted another prison inmate and a correctional attorney.

Representatives were called to report a single car crash at 4:38 p.m. April 14 at block 6600 of Malloy Road, according to Whatcom County Superior Court documents, and were told how the driver had left the scene.

Once at the scene, deputies found a 1992 Honda Civic that had left the road, descended on a bridge in a yard and crashed into a tree, the documents indicate. The deputies spoke to the owner of the house, who heard the sound of the crash and immediately went out to see what had happened.

The homeowner reported that he found a man in his 30s in a black jacket and dark jeans standing next to a Honda driver’s door, according to the documents, and no one else was in the area.

The man, who was later identified as Russell, reportedly asked the homeowner not to call the police but complained that his arm had been injured in the accident.

North Whatcom Fire and Rescue responded to the scene and treated Russell, and the homeowner reported hearing Russell identify himself to medical personnel.

Representatives found Russell’s command status had been suspended and he had several warrants for his arrest, according to the documents.

As he was leaving, Russell grabbed the passenger-side door handle of a passing car and pulled it in an apparent attempt to open the door, according to the documents, but the driver was able to leave the area.

The documents indicate that Russell approached the next car on the road. The driver, fearing he would be robbed, attempted to drive around Russell, but Russell was reported to have rushed into the car and hit the passenger side, damaging the door and side view mirror.

The driver managed to escape and called the police when he was safe, according to the documents, and deputies located Russell at the 6600 block of Portal Way. Although the deputies asked Russell to stop, he reportedly continued to turn away and headed into the woods until the deputies lost his sight.

Ferndale police officers and deputies quickly located and arrested Russell, despite his efforts to resist state documents.

Prison assaults

At approximately 2:41, April 17, three days after his arrest, MPs responded to the prison assault report.

According to court documents, the deputies learned that:

Another inmate was transferred to cell 128 in the prison.

A little later, the Vice-Reformation heard a scream coming from the dungeon.

The deputy corrections officer returned to the cell and saw Russell hit the other prisoner with a closed fist twice, leaving the other prisoner lying on a makeshift bed on the floor with a cut in his left ear.

Correctional Vice opened the cell door, and Russell tried to punch the Vice Correctional.

The Deputy Corrections, fearing that Russell would punch him, punched Russell in the nose to protect himself, and controlled Russell and put him in handcuffs.

Court records show that Russell was already awaiting trial for violating a court order in 2020, and had previous convictions for attempting to evade police, hit-and-run, harassment, burglary, assault, theft, forgery, and resisting arrest.

David Rasbach joined The Bellingham Herald in 2005 and now covers breaking news. He has been working as an editor and writer in several Western countries since 1994.

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