A Glimpse Of What A Modern Chevrolet El Camino Could Look Like

A clever digital artist used the seventh generation Chevrolet Impala as the basis for this presentation piece and created this stunning sports truck.

The Chevrolet El Camino is what we would call a sports pickup truck. The car, officially a coupe, was first made by Chevrolet from 1959 to 1960 and then from 1964 to 1987. The first generation was actually based on the Chevrolet Impala, but what would the more modern version look like? Well, thanks to the Oscar Vargas digital car viewer, we can find out.

He created a Chevrolet El Camino that used the seventh-generation Impala as its basis, and he created a more modern version of the sports pickup.

Great and interesting show

The lineage of the seventh generation Impala can certainly be traced throughout this presentation. Obviously, the front of the car is all Impala. The very slender front end of the seventh generation is here to see, with its long hood and thin grille. Vargas has also kept the design of the bumper and headlights, and the wheels at the front and rear are what you’ll find on the seventh generation Impala. As we drive through the rest of the car, it slowly turns away from the four-door sedan.

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From Impala to El Camino

First, the entire frontal area of ​​the cabin is still an impala. If we look at the original car, Vargas kept the same look and feel around the front section before evolving into El Camino. Gone is the back section and seats. In its place is a smaller side window and a nice drop down in the sports truck bed. The lines under the bed though are still similar to the original Impala. As we look at the rear of the car, the bumper is quite visible, and again it’s the same as on the original seventh generation Impala.

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Great interpretation of “what if”

This show is a pretty cool look at whether Chevrolet has kept El Camino longer. It highlights how good the shape of the popular seventh-generation Impala would be if it was eventually used as the basis for a more modern El Camino.

However, the desire to have such a car may no longer exist, and the original was, of course, Chevrolet’s answer to the Ford Ranchero. But that’s a great job, and one so beautifully done that you might think this car actually exists.

Source: wb.artist20 Instagram Page

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