A flight attendant in Toronto offers Uber Eats on layovers around the world

Rideshare and food delivery services have been a rare link to the outside world during the dark times of 2020-2021, and Uber Canada is paying it all up front by getting to know first-class drivers, including some interesting options from here in Toronto.

Of the 11 Canadian drivers and delivery people recognized in Uber Canada’s inaugural Uber Canada annual book, five notable Toronto players are included in the 2022 class.

The tour reveals that Toronto is home to the longest-traveled, longest-running, and funniest drivers, as well as the coolest car driver and delivery guy with the widest range.

That last category went to Uber Eats delivery driver Federico, who was able to deliver food in nine different cities.

Such a range would undoubtedly put some very heavy miles on the driver’s car, but Federico had a little help, thanks to his major career as a flight attendant.

Federico hands over to Uber as a side business, using stops in different cities as a prime opportunity to explore while making some extra income in the process.

He began driving for the app in May 2018, has been laid off from his previous customer service job and is looking to stay busy. He used the change as an opportunity to get himself a new car, sign up with Uber Eats, and was on the road to deliver meals in two weeks.

He now works as a flight attendant, which gives him the opportunity to deliver food in various areas outside of Toronto on his frequent layovers.

“Once upon a time, I was in Detroit, Michigan, and decided to go to Windsor, Ontario. I rented a car with a Florida license plate. I crossed the border, put my app on and started delivering. I discovered different restaurants, people, and neighborhoods. It was a really good experience.”

“At the end of the day, I had to go back to Detroit. At the US border, the immigration officer didn’t understand why I had a car with a US license plate, coming from Canada and back in the US.”

“I explained that I crossed the border to deliver Uber Eats. He was completely confused. He replied again, nobody crosses international borders to do deliveries, but if you want to make money, why not.”

Other Toronto drivers recognized in Uber’s first yearbook include Akharumen, who took the number one spot for most trips completed, with more than 45,000 trips logged.

“I drive with Uber because I want to help passengers get to their own places, and I do it because I love driving.”

Another Toronto driver, Rehan, is Canada’s longest-serving, returning in 2012 when the app debuted just north of the border.

The award for coolest car in Uber Canada’s drivers-owned fleet goes to Toronto driver Haim, who received more than 70 compliments on his Porsche Macan. Haim tells Uber that he drives his Porsche for rideshare “because I sold my company in March 2018. I don’t like the word retirement.”

Toronto is also home to Canada’s funniest Uber driver, with local driver Marvil getting over 150 compliments about his jokes alone.

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