8 Weirdest Fantasy Sports in Games Ranked

Sometimes the worlds of reality just aren’t enough when it comes to sports in video games. Sure, the developers have plenty to choose from, but would you really expect regular American football in the dystopian future of Cyberpunk? Wouldn’t it be even cooler if you replaced players with Spike-encrusted machines?
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Some fantasy sports that come from games seem possible in reality, while others will make you sit up and scratch your head. Sure, you could have a literal javelin rocket throwing competition, but why would you do it? Get rid of the cleats anyway. It’s time to get weird.


8 Football, but with nice cars: Rocket League

If the Rocket League phenomenon has escaped you in some way, let this entry correct this: Rocket League is a free game where you play a game like soccer, but instead of using your feet, you’re using rocket-powered sports cars. You might say, “That sounds impractical, and it’s too expensive. It’s never going to work.”
Except, if you think about it, in the world of Rocket League, people regularly pump money into this completely ridiculous idea, making it a global phenomenon. Who has that kind of capital to dispose of? And most importantly, who cares?

7 Most Extreme Sports: Toxic Grind

So you’re a BMX biker ripped from time, injected with a poison that will kill you, and forced to compete in a Tony Hawk-style stunt battle inside a dome filled with rotating blades. Can things go wrong? Maybe, but try not to overthink it. You can’t do any of these Xtreme tricks if you’re worried about your doom.
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Although released in 2002 exclusively for Xbox, Toxic Grind screams the ’90s. And like some of the Mountain Dew flavors released in the same era, you’ll probably want to forget you tried them, despite their weird premise.

6 Pretty much it all: Numan Athletics

You’d think the people who are the next step in human evolution would have more in mind than competing against each other in a series of weird sporting events, but not these guys! Rather than save the world or allow their bodies to be studied through science, these super-powerful mutants are instead preoccupying themselves with how well they can throw missiles more than anyone else, or prove they can jump over a waterfall.
Like many sports arcade games of the ’90s, Numen Athletics included six fairly simplistic mini-games that tested your reflexes and speed. Unlike most of those games, Numan Athletics has given you a mode where you can compete against your friends to cut as many rocks in half as possible. Now there is a sport to liven up the Olympics.

5 Deadly Tennis Match: Deadly League

Think back to that kid on the elementary school baseball team who loved hitting people with the ball instead of hitting the house, and you’ll come close to what it’s like to play a deadly league. A mixture of fighting game and a tennis chip, the Lethal League rules seem, as they are, to be: Hit others as hard as you can with the ball, but don’t you dare hit them with anything else!
The game and its sequel, Lethal League Blaze, are incredibly fun, require precise timing and skill, but the actual sport is a bit strange, because competitors are actively trying to kill their opponents with what appears to be a small electronic ball. .

4 The deadliest golf game ever: Ninja Golf

Sure, golf probably needs some spice to get you interested. But you’ll be spared the thought that adding in hordes of ninjas trying to slice you into ribbons between holes might be too much. However, that’s exactly the flavor Blue Sky Software added to the sport’s no-nonsense remnants when it released the Ninja Golf in the Atari 7800 in 1990.
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The game never tells you why it’s important to kill countless enemies, but let’s hope you weren’t planning on having a few drinks with your buddies during a relaxing game. They were all eaten by mutant frogs.

3 Ax Pong: Jamming Record

With ax throwing ranges popping up in cities all over the world, you might think Log Jammers would be just another lumberjack-themed simulation where you don’t throw axes at other people. You would also be wrong. This ping-pong-inspired game involves, sometimes a lumberjack, sometimes a bear, and sometimes a skeleton, perched on a log and trying to throw your ax into the opponent’s goal post. The catch here is that to defend against your opponent’s ax throws, you have to stand in front of that rotating steel circle and catch it in the air.
Your characters don’t seem very interested in this idea. After all, they’re all hairy, muscular guys and goblins who probably eat grits for breakfast just to show how strong they are. However, this does not reduce the risk of throwing a sharp object back and forth between friends, or reduce it from being insane.

2 Mystical Basketball: Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Jayden

Basketball is not a sport at Barkley, shut up and jam: Jayden. It’s a weapon so powerful that thousands of basketball players were killed in retaliation after one Chaos Dunk left a hole in Manhattan Island one day. However, some players still use their power for good. You are one of those players, elderly Charles Barkley, and the only thing standing between our world and the fires of chaos.
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Released in 2008, Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden took basketball stakes in Space Jam and raised them to 11, creating a JRPG-style Cyberpunk world where basketball is a form of magic and one immersion turns into cosmic forces.

1 Kind of baseball, but not really: Blaseball

Starting in 2020 as an alternative-real-life baseball simulation where you can vote to change the rules of the game, and members of ridiculously named teams to be set on fire by rogue referees, the game has gotten even weirder since its release. People coated with peanut shells because of the wrath of an old man? Stats like the inability to weight and Shakespearean? A team that somehow got electrocuted? Is this even a sport anymore?
While you probably won’t see Blaseball actually played, and unlike many sports, you’re not the one to play the sport, Blaseball has one of the most surreal novels ever imagined, which makes you feel, if you’ve just found the game By chance, you stumbled upon it in another world.
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