8 Reasons We Love the Maserati Quattroporte (Two Reasons to Never Buy One)

The Maserati The Quattroporte prides itself on being the original Italian sedan, the quintessential status symbol for fame and fortune. Considering it has been in production for nearly six decades, the Quattroporte is undoubtedly a symbol of Italian elegance. The current sixth generation model represents the ultimate evolution of the original, incorporating the largest dimensions of any previous generations.

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Despite the size, the Quattroporte brings life to the full-size luxury sedan segment with a brazen heads and shoulders over its competitors. We love the Quattroporte’s spirited fight in a class dominated by German showings, but unfortunately there are some important caveats that are a drawback. Below is a list of the many reasons to love the Maserati Quattroporte, but read on and discover the two reasons why you should never buy one.

10 A Reason to Love: Distinctive Italian Elegance

Maserati has continually improved the formula of the iconic Quattroporte over the years, resulting in the thin, slender profile that makes the current model an uncompromising executive sedan. The sweeping, streamlined lines and surfaces maintain an unmistakable presence, while the legendary triple side vents reflect Maserati’s rich racing heritage.

The three-color boomerang tail lights honor the 3200 GT designed by Giugiaro, another epic model in Maserati’s history. In addition to the evocative appearance, Maserati used advanced aerodynamics to give a strong sense of exclusivity.

9 Reason for love: Exciting trim options

Maserati has streamlined the equipment lineup for the 2022 Quattroporte to include three exciting variants. The cheapest way to get to the Quattroporte is the luxury-oriented GT model with a starting price of $101,800, a trim designed to offer a higher level of exclusivity. Starting at $112,100, the Modena brings intensity with its sharper, sportier focus and more dynamic design.

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The Modena Q4 sub-model has similar characteristics to the standard Modena, aside from the all-wheel drive capability that increases the starting price to $116,800. At the top of the Quattroporte range is the high-performance Trofeo, a racing-inspired trim starting at $151,000.

8 Reason for love: Executive Inner Quality

The Quattroporte’s uncompromising nature extends inside, as evidenced by the intricate details and handcrafted embellishments that radiate classic beauty. Executive luxury treatment includes premium satin leather for the seats, dashboard, steering wheel and headliner, mixed with trim options such as Open Pore Radica Wood, High Gloss Piano Black and High Gloss Rover Wood.

The GT Sport interior package equips the Quattroporte with 12-way power seats with memory functions, headlining and Alcantara pillars. In contrast, the Carbon Fiber Package adds carbon fiber trim to the door sills and the shaft-mounted transmission knob. The coveted Executive Package includes executive rear seats, four-zone automatic climate control, power rear sunshade, and luxurious perforated leather upholstery.

7 Reason to love: Captivating cutting edge technology

For 2022, the Quattroporte features a 10.1-inch frameless HD touchscreen display with a 16:10 ratio. The new generation Maserati Intelligent Assistant Android multimedia system provides access to a voice assistant, updated maps, real-time traffic information, SiriusXM, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Using a smartwatch, smartphone, Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, the Maserati Connect app enables a seamless link to the Quattroporte for performance, comfort, safety and emergency management. Other tech features include an air quality sensor, a Wi-Fi hotspot, wireless charging, and a choice between the 10-speaker Harman Kardon setup or the 15-speaker Bowers & Wilkins system.

6 Reason to love: Advanced Driving Assistance Systems

In addition to ultra-powerful luxury, Maserati has equipped the Quattroporte with a comprehensive suite of Level 2 advanced driving assistance systems to enhance safety and peace of mind. Systems for easy driving on the roads and highways include Lane Keeping Assist, Highway Assist and Traffic Sign Recognition.

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Features that help drivers overcome the most common hazards on the road include adaptive cruise control with Stop & Go, Forward Collision Warning Plus, and Active Blind Spot Assist. The surround-view camera assists the driver in maneuvering procedures, making parking in confined spaces safer.

5 Reason to Love: Great Performance Features

The Quattroporte remains competitive in an aggressive segment due to its unique ability to blend luxurious luxury, sheer dynamics and outstanding performance. Skyhook suspension systems provide flawless shock absorption and adequate ground clearance for optimum ride comfort and convenience.

Each version of the Quattroporte has a unique set of high-performance dual calipers and brakes that match the specifics of each vehicle. The intelligent all-wheel drive system available exclusively on the Q4 ensures control and stability in any situation.

4 A Reason to Love: Racing Engine Kit

Maserati has successfully bet on putting racing engines under the hood, a daring principle still employed in the contemporary Quattroporte. The base GT model features a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V-6 capable of 345 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque.

The GT’s same 3.0-liter engine powers the twin-turbocharged V-6 and Modena Q4, with a boost of 424 horsepower and 428 pound-feet of torque. The top-of-the-line Trofeo features a high-performance 3.8-liter V-8 biturbo engine that delivers 580 horsepower and 538 pound-feet of torque.

3 A Reason to Love: Intelligent Driving Modes

Maserati has paired the Quattroporte’s engine options with an advanced ZF eight-speed automatic transmission and offers four intelligent driving modes to configure performance. The default automatic mode perfectly balances sportiness and comfort with smooth gear changes. Sport mode increases the cadence of the Quattroporte by opening the exhaust valves and increasing boost to bring the engine closer to the rev limiter.

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The Increased Efficiency and Control (ICE) mode reduces fuel efficiency and improves stability in every situation. Corsa mode is exclusive to Trofeo, and is designed to ensure the engine responds to minimal throttle input, and the exhaust valve flow remains unimpeded for a sportier experience.

2 Why we never buy: Rapid consumption

There is no doubt that the Quattroporte excels in providing an elegant and refined Italian experience. However, it fails to deliver the luxury segment of a luxury sports sedan with the same comprehensive standards as its German competitor. And that’s not the worst of it.

The old Quattroporte’s interior is subject to much quicker deterioration than one would expect from an expensive sedan. Given that it is a luxury model, warping and melting lead to a rapid decline in value and therefore poor resale value in the medium to long term.

1 Why We Never Buy: A Potential Money Pit

According to EPA estimates, the 2022 Quattroporte offers poor fuel economy on all models, with the high-performance Trofeo clocking 16 mpg combined. Besides the heavy demand for the pump, the Quattroporte has a recurring history of major clutch and transmission problems that required an expensive overhaul for the entire assembly.

Maserati prides itself on exclusivity, and that rarity means parts are harder to come by and more expensive to buy compared to other mass-produced alternatives. Plus, only a few mechanics know how to properly operate a Maserati, so Quattroporte owners can expect to pay an extra fee for quality service.

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