5 Parked Sports Cars and Coupes We Wish They Were Still

It is always sad when some car models leave the car market. Most of the time, low sales numbers are to blame, which could mean the difference between having a nameplate for two years or 10 years. However, new cars such as the Toyota Supra and Acura Integra show that automakers can revive models even after they are long gone. Here are five other discontinued sports cars and coupes.

1. The discontinued BMW M Coupe was a fun “clown show”

Production of the BMW Z3 M Coupe ceased after 2002. | Getty Images

You may be familiar with the BMW Z3 and Z4, but do you remember the BMW M Coupe? If not, take a good look at a picture of her and your memory may recall what the funky “clown shoe” looks like. Of course, you can mock the aesthetic all you want, but this fun little coupe means working under its sheet metal.

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