5 new Volvo EVs due in the next few years, including two wagon-like models

  • Volvo held a dealer event in Miami last week and revealed plans for five new electric cars in the next few years, Car News It has been reported.
  • According to dealer information, a new full-size electric crossover is scheduled for next year, with a smaller sedan and crossover available.
  • Volvo won’t completely abandon the wagon market, offering two wagon-like models that Volvo has dubbed “activity vehicles”.

    Volvo is ramping up its transition to electric cars, with a new report from Car News Sourced from Volvo dealers who say we’ll see Five new electric cars in the next few years and a massive upgrade for the Swedish company’s South Carolina assembly plant. The news comes from a dealer event in Miami last week, when Volvo presented its future plans to about 800 retailers from North and South America. Car News Reported anonymous sources were present at the function.


    Upcoming electric vehicles will include large and small crossovers and a new sedan. The full-size crossover, an effective alternative to the XC90, is expected to arrive next year and is similar to the recharge concept (pictured here) from 2021. It should offer three rows of seats and will be sold alongside the current XC90, which is also slated for Having a face-lift operation in the foreseeable future. Volvo expects sales of about 20,000 units next year, the report claims.

    There will also be two sporty wagon-esque models that Volvo has apparently called “activity vehicles,” but no further details of these vehicles have been leaked from the meeting. Volvo is also expected to build an electric crossover between the XC60 and XC90, due in 2025, with global production of 100,000 units per year. Dealers were also offered modified versions of the S90 and XC90 plug-in hybrids. The XC60 is also rumored to be all-electric and a smaller EV than the XC40 crossover. A Volvo spokesperson contacted him car and driver He only said that the company would not comment on a future product.

    This electric products offensive will rely on Volvo’s 2.3 million square foot plant in Ridgeville, South Carolina. The plant currently produces the S60 sedan, but only makes a small portion of its 150,000-year capacity. Volvo is planning an “ambitious hiring plan” to prepare for its upcoming electric vehicles, according to a report today. Production of the first electric crossover will begin there late this year, with Polestar also set to build an electric crossover, likely the Polestar 3, at the South Carolina plant. Production of the Volvo EV crossover will begin in early 2023, as Volvo begins its transition to an all-electric brand by 2030.

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