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When we bumped into Cory Pohl and Nova in 1967, he was sitting first in the Gasser B class for the 2022 Midwest Drags. We caught Cory and his father Karl at US41 Motorplex based in Morocco. The two-person team rocked the Nova and lifted the hood of the car to reveal a compact 427 cubic inch Chevy engine. Naturally, we wanted to know more, and couldn’t look away from the transparent valve covers either.

It turns out that Corey had the crankshaft in Ohio to build a small-block Chevy engine. They assembled the entire tall block and selected the building components.

“The small block features 4,000” stroke and 6,000” rods,” Buhl told us. “It just has a flat-top piston with 11:1 compression. Everything down to the thrust arms from the Ohio crankshaft. Straub Technologies of Tennessee designed a hydraulic cylinder camshaft for me. The engine has Morel levers. BES Racing Engines and Tony Bischoff CNC have converted cylinder heads. I also threw in a Victor Tunnel Ram to give it that cool factor, and it’s powered by a GForce 4-speed and clutch ram. Up top, the engine also has COMP Cams Pro Magnum shakers and two carb 650 Holly by ATM Innovation from Bowling Green, KY. It’s also got a stud strap, 2-inch primary Doug bits and clear valve caps, which are everyone’s favorite. ”

Corey and his father, Carl, dealt with Midwest Drags

Cory Nova looked very impressive, but he told us that construction started as a $3,000 Craigslist find over a decade ago.

“I paid $3,000 for the car when I was 19,” Buhl says. “I only had three thousand because I sold a car the day before. The car was on Craigslist back when that was a thing. I got the car home and it was a six-cylinder Powerglide. It was red with a black interior. It was in really good shape.”

427 small block chevy engine

“Okay, fast forward through the kids and meet my wife Sarah, and we loaded the car onto the grill and I stripped it all off. We painted it and then it all happened in the house with me and my dad. I knew I wanted gas from day one. I wasn’t expecting a tram to be in Mid 10 seconds, but it was a flight from hell.”

Competing in the Gasser B class on the Midwest Drags, Corey had run 10.69 and 10.68 at that point in the competition.

“I was happy with that,” he says. “The small block gives us about 675 horsepower. With less moisture and left at a slightly higher rpm, I would go back to 10.50 seconds. It was 10.40 before.”

The Midwest Drags raced the Edgewater Motorsports Park (twice), US 41 Motorplex and Dragway 42 during Drag and Drive week. Corey ended up running ETs from [email protected]And the [email protected]And the [email protected]And the [email protected]And the [email protected]And the [email protected]And the [email protected] And the [email protected] With a year average of [email protected] That was good enough to win the class.

“The Ohio crankshaft did a great job,” Buhl says of his engine. “They build an engine hell.”

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