420 proposed apartments south of the golf course in Manteca

A residential complex of 420 units of land is proposed just south of the Manteca golf course.

It’s called the Prose project, and it includes 20 3-storey buildings in the garden on an 18-acre plot between Kaiser Permante’s medical offices in the west and shops in the east.

There are now 720 housing units under review with another 440 units under construction or just completed. When they are all completed under current occupancy production factors, it will add an additional 2,200 residents to Manteca.
The scattering project would require an extension of Center Street to the west with a slight swing to the north.

Seven of the apartment buildings will be located north of Center Street. The other 13 buildings will be between Center Street and West Yosemite Avenue.

There will be three lanes from the northern part connecting to Center Street and two entrances from the southern part.

The entrance from West Yosemite Avenue will link to traffic lights at the current intersection with Winters Drive.

There will be 170,000 square feet of communal space, 746 parking spaces, and a community center.

The complex will have 190 one-bedroom units and 230 two-bedroom units.
It will be the second largest condominium in Manteca upon completion.

The largest is The Atherton along Atherton Drive next to the Bass Pro Stores. The second half of the 428-unit complex is currently under construction.

What is slated to be the third largest complex — Union Crossing with 300 units on the southwest corner of Union Road and Atterton Drive Drive — is under approval.

Prose will hit the Stonegate Apartment complex that runs on Center Street to the east. Part of the Stonegate complex is located adjacent to Westwood Village

Among the three complexes as well as the Fairway Estates on Center Street east of Union Road, two complexes on Union Road and the Park Place apartments on Crom Street, the golf course will be close to approximately 1,000 condominiums.

The Prose includes 10,786 acres that the city approved more than a decade ago as the 186-unit Alma Place complex that was never built.

Several months ago, the 128-unit complex on Lathrop Road east of Union Road was completed.

In addition, work is underway on site on 136 approved units of Manteca Luxury Apartments on Lathrop Road west of Union Road.

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