3 manpower/affordable housing projects to start in the East Naples region

Three housing projects that started on Thursday in the East Naples district are designed for locals with a limited household budget. Harmony on Santa Barbara will be a workforce housing development, while Allegro and Cadenza in Hacienda Lakes will be affordable senior housing on Rattlesnake Hammock Road east of Collier Boulevard.

Harmony, an 82-unit condominium complex, is planned on 3.78 acres of a 5-acre plot on the east side of Santa Barbara Street and adjacent to the Great Rescue Station at Naples 75 just north of Davis Street. The Workforce Family Housing Development will serve residents who earn between 30% and 80% of the median income in the Collier County area. The property in front of Calusa Park Elementary School was formerly owned by the Collier School District but has been owned by the District Government for 20 years. The project, made possible by a public-private partnership and a 99-year land lease, will be developed by Miami-based McDowell Housing Partners while the county retains ownership of the plot, county development records show.

The developer agrees to target and market at least 10% of units to seniors, veterans, or people with special needs. The Harmony will offer a mix of one, two and three bedroom apartments in two L-shaped, 48,000 square foot buildings, three floors around a 4,000 square foot clubhouse with outdoor living space and amenities, including a fitness center and media center Playground, swimming pool and barbecue area.

Allegro in Lakes Hacienda and Cadenza in Lakes Hacienda contiguous Affordable senior housing projects are also being developed by McDowell Housing PartnersAnd the A subsidiary of McDowell Properties, a developer and national investor in affordable housing and workforce. Each consisting of 160 units, a five-story apartment block with Port Kosher entrances designed to serve senior citizens 62 and older. Independent living facilities will also offer one, two and three bedroom club-sharing apartments with a pool, fitness center, movie room, covered outdoor living, greenery and social gathering spaces. Seniors housing is part of the planned mixed-use Hacienda development, which will also include commercial projects.

Winter Park-based company FK Architecture, Fugleberg Koch, designed all three housing projects. “Housing costs have exploded over the past few years,” said Ted Hunton, AIA, managing director at FK Architecture. “We are proud to be part of the team that will provide modern, safe, affordable and clean housing to those in need. We fully expect these projects to establish long-term communities in the coming years.”

The specified rental fee for multi-family units was not available, but rRestricted rents were expected to be about 30% lower than flats with similar market prices upon entering the county public/private partnership With McDowell in July 2019 after Competitive bidding process. The apartments are scheduled for completion in early 2023.

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