29 new farmhouse bedroom ideas

Leanne Ford Interiors

Farmhouse bedrooms are the epitome of warmth, and now that we’ve reached the height of winter, we crave warmth, comfort, and simple style. With its realistic approach that celebrates age-old decorating traditions, comfort and thoughtful detailing, farmhouse style is as popular as ever. While there’s more to just putting some sunflowers in a jug, there aren’t many hard and fast rules either—the whole point is to embrace what you have and reverse the landscape. A fresh collection of designer farmhouse bedroom ideas will help bring home the spirit. From modern spins to rustic retreats, classic faded, sun-kissed cottages, even townhouses that borrow county charm, these rooms will show you how to capture the perfect farmhouse style.

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outdoor simplicity

Wouldn’t you like to be able to dive through that window (and screen) and get comfortable in that bedroom? Contemporary striped linens match the beige painted walls and a cedar pendant adds a touch of intrigue to this small bedroom nook by Leanne Ford Interiors.

Preppy . Publications

Gingham is a farmhouse decorating staple and pairs beautifully with other preppy elements that dress up the rustic bones of an old farmhouse. In this bedroom by Shazalynn Winfrey Design, a warm chocolate brown backdrop and green piping complement the red seersucker beautifully.

ancient textiles

Designed by Sarah Moore, this floral bedroom is energizing without being overpowering, and features a 1950s Sanderson floral wallcovering. Accented with alternating striped bedding colors. The rest of the elements, from the rug to the lamp and seat, tie the entire room together.

edgy and frilly

Chic economy meets in this family home designed by Seth and Chat Gilbert. Exposed and rustic materials like wooden beams and bricks are softened by more delicate pieces, like the mottled bedding, wrought-iron bed frame, and plush sheepskins that dress it up and make it feel more romantic.

contemporary twists

Floral wallpaper sets the sweet farm scene in the home of And Studio Arianna De Gasperis. A linen headboard with matching bedding and a contemporary organic side table and contemporary sconce brings the bedroom into the 21st century.

French charm

French provincial beds, faded sun beams, and natural prints make this bedroom look polished and relaxed. We love the way each family has similar pillows but in opposite colors to break up the perfect symmetry.

Sun faded surprise

A round canopy bed without curtains gives this faded farmhouse bedroom by Leanne Ford Interiors a surprisingly assertive character. Contrast works well here.

sweet and simple

This cozy bedroom designed by Tom Schereer is further proof that plaid and cotton are a mainstay on a farmhouse. Pink textiles and a pretty window seat make it feel like a quiet, safe place to rest.

urban twists

A modern, industrial yet grounded bedroom will look (literally) chic in any setting, whether it’s an urban loft or a remote farmhouse.

ageless styles

The iconic Bowood chintz from Colefax & Fowler will never go out of style, and it works especially well in a quiet country space, like in this bedroom designed by Ben Kendrick. Repeating print and a soft, gentle green shade reflect the outdoor landscape and put anyone in need of rest in a meditative and relaxed mood.

everything is white

Designed by Leanne Ford Interiors, this studio combines the best of simple Wabi-Sabi with the vintage-inspired design of a totally imperfect farmhouse bedroom. Loose French linen wraps and white dipped exposed materials create a cohesive, casual and classic whole. Plus, we love the design.

Thoughtful details

Every last detail of Teresa and Michael Drabkin’s home has been lovingly orchestrated. Even the white porcelain door handles seen on the black-painted door contribute to the narrative of the space and provide practical value. And in classic farmhouse chic style, everything is modest and has a purpose, like a stool supporting a nightlight.

Gingam is everywhere

The all-encompassing matching style trend may seem challenging in a modern environment, but when it works, it really works. Take notes from this bedroom designed by Anna Spiro. The old-school navy and white gingham fabric is bold and cool when paired with modern, geometric accents, including the velor table and lamp base.

top edge

Modern Scandinavian minimalism meets historic Nordic design at Inness, the new Hudson Valley Hotel designed by the Post Company. For a similar look, practice restraint with a neutral color palette, mix contemporary pieces with vintage pieces, and embrace texture.

English explanations

This homely Wiltshire bedroom designed by Amanda Bannister celebrates the timelessness of farmhouse style. Tucked under the eaves and covered in pretty floral wallpaper, you can’t help but relax just by looking at the room.

New paint and high art

Designer Kevin Isbell brightened this vintage farmhouse bedroom by painting it all white (including the floors!). He also hung artwork all the way up next to the rafters since the windows looked into nearly all of the wall space.

Rural treatments

Exposed rockstone is a northeastern treasure – embrace the material’s fanciful character with rustic treatments, like lime-lacquered paint. This bedroom in a Vermont home by Kathy Chapman also takes a unique, formal style.

antique accents

Exposed beams and whitewashed walls aren’t the only way to embrace the farmhouse aesthetic. In this bedroom designed by Heidi Caillier, pale gray-green walls, woven accents, velor, and dark wood furniture do the trick.

Coastal New England

Coastal New England charm meets warm farmhouse design with layers of antiques and exposed beams painted white in this guest bedroom designed by Elizabeth Gorgentas. Pro tip: Elevate under-bed storage with vintage travel bags.

old and new

Anything old can be something new, useful and beautiful with the right look and design approach. The handsome leather headboard that anchors this bedroom was a wrestling rug in her past life. A new coat of white paint, refined bronze and black sconces, and new bedding make it impossible to tell this space was once a dilapidated barn.

Contemporary additions

Built in 1706, this historic family home is filled with themed wooden beams “Every piece has a story,” designer and owner Jennifer von Miller says. An antique-inspired wrought-iron bed complements the vaulted ceiling while a full, ornate bed skirt warms everything.

Fresh flowers and delicious furnishings

Antique-look curtains define the blue canopy baby crib in this room designed by Kathy Kinkade. Cut flowers are a must in a farmhouse bedroom (and any bedroom, for that matter).

perfect restoration

A contemporary geometric rug and plenty of warm wood surfaces anchor this bedroom designed by the General Assembly. With these beautifully restored bones, the rest is simple: some comfy linens, an old wooden side chair that doubles as a bedside table, and a pop of color against a throw pillow.

eccentric groups

This camouflaged way of matching patterns is so traditional that it almost feels lively, and it’s definitely a resurgence. It’s the perfect way to an old farmhouse—just embrace the old quirks and run with them, as Tom Scherer boldly did here.

Lots of patterns

Thomas Jayne hangs a tapestry behind the bed and decorates it with patterned tapestries to add dimension and character to this whitewashed bedroom. Antiques are another mainstay in the farmhouse, so instead of a contemporary bench, opt for the stump at the end of the bed.

Texture-rich walls

An elegant tall chandelier returns the sloping ceiling to a more comfortable human level, which is crucial to making the bedroom feel comfortable. Leanne Ford covered the walls with stucco to give it a very soft and lively look.

polished and comfortable

Delicately pressed bedding complete with playful tufted pillows, a velvet throw, and a floral headboard makes this contemporary farmhouse bedroom by Abney Morton Interiors the perfect balance of friendliness and friendliness.

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