2025 Land Rover Discovery becomes a luxury off-road vehicle

  • An overhaul of the discovery model is expected
  • The potential family of Discovery models
  • Expected to reach showrooms in 2026

The Land Rover Discovery is still in showrooms but with sales declining thanks to the success of the Land Rover Defender, the brand is making plans for how the Discovery model will fit into the lineup in the coming years. The new Range Rover has always been at the top of the Land Rover hierarchy, and the latest one is moving to a higher level of the market leaving room for Discovery to grow in.

Previously, the Discovery was loved by families looking to purchase a vehicle with style and utilitarian capabilities, but it can be customized with amenities like heated leather seats and upscale entertainment. However, car buyers have now turned toward the new Defender, which has dragged down sales of the seven-seater Discovery.

Repositioning the model to target families looking more for luxury than utilitarianism is one way that Land Roar believes it can restore the sales success of the Discovery brand. This could result in a family of Discovery models, currently the smaller Discovery Sport fulfills the brand’s entry-level status, and there is no confirmation on whether this model will have a future with the brand beyond the current generation.

To achieve this, Land Rover plans to base the new Discovery on the same platform as the Range Rover and the Range Rover Sport. We can expect a full range of combustion engines in the lineup, but Land Rover’s latest financial report states that it will offer all models in all-electric form by the end of the decade. The Range Rover is expected to be offered as an all-electric vehicle in 2024 which means that the Discovery can be offered with an all-electric option from launch.

The styling changes allow the Discovery to take on a new, sleek look with slimmer headlights and a simpler front bumper design. The chunky tires and wheel arches will remain, though, to keep the Discovery capable of off-road driving. It appears Land Rover intends to stick with the rear number plate that some have found embarrassing on the current-generation model, with aftermarket companies offering a center-mounted alternative. The styling braid was originally created to carry the spare wheel of previous generations.

The desire to move the Discovery marketplace with a target audience of ‘privileged families’ will likely mean higher prices than the entry price of the current model of £57,225. Buyers of the current Discovery will be left with the option of paying a premium or looking across the range at other models if they want to stay with the brand. The luxury family SUV segment is already a fiercely competitive market with the already well-established Mercedes GLE, BMW X5 and Audi Q7. Land Roar will need to immediately influence the 2025 model if it wants to influence competitor owners to visit Land Roar showrooms.

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