2024 QB Dylan Raiola Focused On Hiring In Ohio To Bring Buckeyes National Tile

Dylan Raiola I got off talking with the Ohio State coaches just after 2 p.m. ET on Tuesday and walked out onto the indoor turf field at Woody Hayes Atheltic Center after hearing the good news. The Buckeyes had just received a commitment from a five-star wide receiver Brandon Innes.

While walking to get Gatorade, Raiola grabbed his phone and asked Siri to FaceTime Inniss. He wanted to congratulate the recipient on making his decision and joining him as a commitment to scarlet and gray.

Just 25 hours ago, Raiola and Ohio State received similar good news. another five stars, Carnell Tate, for his commitment to the Buckeyes. Tate was also at WHAC on Tuesday and The two met near the midfield and shared a moment Discuss the future.

“I am very happy. Very happy,” Raiola told reporters shortly after the meeting.

Raiola is a potential five-star player and top midfielder in the 2024 class, according to 247Sports Composite, who committed to playing Scarlet and Gray in early May. At the time, Raiola hoped Ohio State would continue to corner him with guns after an unprecedented five years of wide receptions.

After Tuesday, Tate knows he’ll have plenty of talent to hand the ball to when he arrives at Buckeye Campus.

With Inniss and Tate now committed, Ohio State has two of the top three broad prospects in the 2023 class heading to Columbus. This is in addition to a four-star receiver Bryson Rodgerswho committed to the Buckeyes in mid-April, and room for positions already loaded.

But Raiola is not completely satisfied yet.

“Carnell yesterday and Brandon today, I’ll be the quarterback in the future at Ohio State, it means a lot,” Raiola said. “Just to bring guns like this, good people, I want to be around. So just get these two guys in and we’ve got another receiver we want in ’23 Noah Rogers, so we’re just waiting for him. We might go three times in a row, who knows.”

Rogers is the ninth-place winner in the country in the 2023 class and his commitment will bring unprecedented talent in a single position to Scarlet and Gray. It will be decided whether or not Ohio State relegates Rogers but regardless, Raiola will continue his big dream.

The quarterback, who was the Buckeyes’ first, and so far only, commitment in the 2024 class, took on the role of the recruit as he finished his final year at Chandler (Arizona) High School.

“I’m very proud of him,” Raiola said of helping Scarlett and Gray recruit other players. “Just having the guys around me, and it really falls to me who I want to bring in. So my goal is to have a top class class in ’24, maybe even in ’23. Build both things and try to bring the championship back to Columbus.”

And while the top ten titles are certainly part of the “champions” mentioned by Raiola, the midfielder is thinking more and dreaming of national championships.

That’s why he’s not only focused on his class but has worked to get players like Inniss and Tate to commit to Ohio State, and continues to help build the 2023 class. He’s also working hard to grow his class, and it’s not just on the offensive side of the ball.

“I got a lot of (goals) #1. If I name all my guys I wanted, we’d be here all day,” Raiola said. “But only in my class, (receiver) Jeremiah Smith(receiver) Joshiza Trader(safety) Peyton Woodyard(Athlete) KJ Boldenincluding but not limited to, (running backwards) Stacy Gage. The list goes on and on, and that’s just a few.

“I’m talking to all the offensive staff and then the defensive staff as well. Just trying to figure out what the guys are going to bring in, what we’re looking for and what guys we need to help bring to Ohio.”

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Raiola said he’s also in touch with other Buckeye commitments in the 2023 class to see which players to target to help turn the country’s second division into first place. Gray, had Ohio State’s best chance of retaking this national title.

“Now that it’s Carnell, Brandon, Bryson, and I hope Noah next, there are guys around me throwing the ball and playing,” Raiola said. “So it’s a bit of a wait for the national championships and that’s the goal.”

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