2023 Ineos Grenadier starts at £49,000 in UK, abandons Land Rover Defender 110

The 2023 Ineos Grenadier will cost from £49,000 ($61,489) when it goes on sale in the UK next month, which gives an idea of ​​how the 4×4 will be priced when US details are released later this year.

The starting range is a two-seater multi-purpose vehicle that comes with a full-height cargo rail and flat floor, and is intended to compete with the commercial versions of the Land Rover Defender. Technically, its cheapest, short wheelbase, 197 hp (200 hp) two-door Defender 90 Hardtop beats the Grenadier by more than £3,000 ($3,763). But to match the Grenadier’s room and 246 hp (249 hp), you’d have to step up to the Defender 110 Hardtop, which starts at £53,745 ($67,424).

North American pricing for the French-made spiritual successor to the original Land Rover Defender is still in the works ahead of its 2023 launch. But for context, the Defender 90 lineup in the U.S. market opens at $52,300 for the entry-level S, and the 110 starts (available in a non-S trim). ) at $51,700, although those two prices are for the 2.0-liter turbocharged and four-cylinder engines, a configuration the Grenadier doesn’t offer.

Ineos offers two engines, both turbocharged with a 3.0-liter, two-cylinder V6 from BMW that drive all four wheels through a ZF8HP eight-speed automatic transmission. The B57 diesel engine punches out 246 hp (249 hp) and 406 lb-ft (550 Nm) of torque, while the B58 gasoline engine produces 282 hp (286 hp) and 450 Nm. Ineos also plans to offer a hydrogen fuel cell option in the future and has invested heavily in the technology.

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The Grenadier Utility Wagon has a load capacity of 73.7 cubic feet (2,088 liters), can tow 7,720 lb (3,500 kg) and lift 12,125 lb (5,500 kg). But if you wanted a five-seat version, the cargo compartment would be cut to 40.7 cubic feet (1,152 liters). The passenger version of the Grenadier doesn’t just cost you cargo space – it also costs you money with the base five-seat Ineos starting at £52,000 ($65,235).

Buyers looking for something just the bones of a grenadier have a few configuration options to choose from, both of which were developed with Ineos-owned clothing brand Belstaff, which is best known for its motorcycling and outerwear, and cost from £59,000 ($74,000).

As its name suggests, the Grenadier Trailmaster is built to last a lifetime off the road and comes with front and rear diff locks, BF Goodrich all-terrain tires, raised intake and an extra battery. On the other hand, the Grenadier Fieldmaster specs indicate that the closest he will reach is when the polo club rolls. It comes with the “Smooth Pack,” which includes a backup camera, pool lights, power mirrors and heated leather seats.

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