2023 Honda CR-V Gets Cool Redesign, Hybrid Sport Trim

  • Honda redesigned the CR-V for 2023, and the new model looks good inside and out.
  • EX, EX-L, Sport and Sport Touring trims are available. A hybrid powertrain is standard on Sport and Sport Touring.
  • The 2023 CR-V non-hybrid will go on sale this summer, with the hybrid model following shortly after.

    The latest Honda CR-V has arrived, and it looks a lot better than before. With a cleaner design than the past few generations of this compact SUV, the new 2023 CR-V is sleek on the outside, more modern on the inside, but still instantly recognizable as the CR-V. The main differences under the skin are less significant, but include a more spacious cabin, new features and updates to both the turbo and hybrid engines.

    Size and engines

    As Honda’s latest compact HR-V has grown exponentially, the compact CR-V also needed to expand to maintain spacing within Honda’s SUV lineup. The new model has a 2.6 -inch wheelbase, an increase in the total length of 2.7 inches, and a height of 0.4 inches per width. Honda says this leads to more background space for the legs, the charging space has been improved, and now it matches the non -hybrid space with 36 cubic feet of the space behind the rear seats and 77 cubic feet of the space with the rear seats folded. The non -hybrid car has a moving floor that decreases to expand the space behind the seats to 39 cubic.

    Andy Headrickcar and driver

    Honda hasn’t made any major changes to either of the CR-V’s two engines, which include a 1.5-liter turbo inline-four and a hybrid setup that uses the 2.0-liter gasoline engine. The non-hybrid features 1.5-liter torque-curve tweaks and continuously variable automatic transmission tweaks aimed at reducing noise and vibration – given the noisy, gritty old CR-V engine, any improvement in this respect would be welcome. Meanwhile, one of the two hybrid electric motors is more torquey than before, but the horsepower of the peak system has dropped a bit, from 212 hp to 204 hp. However, Honda now says that the hybrid car can pull up to 1,000 pounds, while the old model had no drawing classification.

    Trim levels and MPG

    The CR-V’s trim levels have been rearranged to help Honda reach its goal of selling more hybrids: It aims to equip 50 percent of CR-Vs sold with a more efficient gas-electric setup. Thus, the EX and EX-L cut levels come with a 1.5-liter turbo, while the new Sport and Sport Touring models come only in the form of two hybrids. SPORT models also get appearance adjustments, including black wheels, a different mesh and a back opening.

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    Front-wheel drive is standard and all-wheel drive is optional on all cars except for the Sport Touring, which has AWD standard. The addition of the front-wheel drive composition may raise the economy rates in the Hrin CR-V from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to more than 38 miles in the gallon joint evaluation of the old version, which was only AWD. We don’t expect the efficiency of non-hybrid devices to change much; It was previously rated at 29 mpg with all-wheel drive and 30 mpg with front-wheel drive.

    Interior, price and features

    The interior design features a similar design for new HR-V and Seific models, with an attachment to a honeyed disk pattern that extends across the dashboard. Three knobs control the HVAC system, and we like the simplicity of the dashboard. A 7.0-inch touch screen in EX and SPORT, while EX-L and Sport Touring is up to a 9.0-inch screen. Blind spot monitoring is now standard, as is hill slope control; There are also driving modes including normal and ECON, as well as the sporty mode of SPORT and Sport Touring.

    Andy Headrickcar and driver

    Honda will release pricing within the next few months as the new CR-V approaches its sale date. The non-hybrid will arrive first, likely with a higher starting price than before, as Honda dropped the base LX model (the previous LX started at $28,045 but the EX started at $30,355). The hybrid, which is due to arrive later, should get a slight premium.

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