2022 Lexus NX luxury crossover launched in Malaysia

The Lexus NX arrives in two different versions to the alarm of German competitors.

It was finally shown in showrooms across the country and there are two versions with two sale prices to suit your luxury crossover needs. The “NX” model range debuted in Malaysia in January 2015, and within a few months was the fastest selling model in Lexus Malaysia.

Priced from RM299,000 to RM385,000, the NX stands for “Nimble Crossover” and comes with cabin designations and build quality that rival the top German and even Swedish car manufacturers. Yes, this new Lexus is better equipped and equipped than what BMW, Audi and even Volvo had in their showrooms.

Over the years, there have been two face lifts and engine upgrades. In 2018, the NX got a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine which increased demand with buyers looking to save fuel as well as the annual road tax fee.

Then there was the facelift that came with the NX 300 as well as the NX200t. Selling prices went up a bit and there was a hybrid version on offer. Priced from RM311,000 to RM397,800, the Lexus NX quickly became the best-selling car in Lexus Malaysia and a real competitor to the Mercedes GLC, Volvo XC60 and also BMW X3.

2022 Lexus NX

Now, in 2022, there are two variants to start. The Lexus NX F-Sport has a new 2.4-liter turbocharged engine that generates 275 hp at 6000 rpm and a whopping 430 Nm of torque that comes from 1700 rpm to 3600 rpm. This version is priced at RM389,888 which means it is slightly lower than the previous high spec NX.

2022 Lexus NX

There’s also the RM 370,888 Lexus NX Luxury that sports a regular 2.5-liter engine that produces 204 horsepower and 243 Nm of torque from 4,000 rpm to 5,000 rpm. Both F-Sport and Luxury NX Crossovers use an 8-speed automatic gearbox.

With a price difference of just RM29,000 between the two variants and a very noticeable power delivery, we’re pretty sure 90 percent of new NX buyers in Malaysia will opt for the F-Sport variant that also carries additional features.

2022 Lexus NX

This is a completely new model and therefore the external appearance has been changed in many easily observable areas. Step inside with the all-new electronic door handle system, and these new NX and new features start with a much larger 14-inch touch screen panel that houses all the functionality for now. The modified sports steering wheel facilitates the use of soft-touch buttons to operate the best-in-class head-up display.

2022 Lexus NX

Safety features are also at the top of its class with the included Lexus Safety System Plus along with Road Sign Assist, a panoramic view camera and parking brake support.

2022 Lexus NX

It’s best to come close and experience the new NX in person at any of our Lexus Malaysia showrooms and get ready to book after driving the F-Sport Edition. It’s captivating with its power delivery as well as high-quality cabin comfort.

2022 Lexus NX

Incidentally, there are 8 exterior colors to choose from with the new Lexus NX including Sonic Chrome which joins the line while the F-SPORT variant gets two exclusive colours. Interior color options are black and dark pink while the luxury variant enjoys a new and exclusive interior design. F-SPORT owners get a more luxurious look in black or glossy red.

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