2022 Emmy Awards Ballot: See all 36 contestants in Reality Reality

With the proliferation of structured and unstructured reality programming, the Television Academy chose to divide the reality programming category at the Emmy Awards into two separate categories in 2014 to better recognize the achievements in both genres. This year’s total organized subscribers are up two from last year at 36 but still well below 47 in 2020 and 43 in 2019. Only five shows in the list below will expire as official nominees on July 12.

All of the TV Academy’s 22,000 plus members have until June 27 to vote on their favorite curated reality shows. In the past, voters were limited in the number of shows they could put on, but this limitation was lifted in 2017. Unlike the Academy Awards, voters at the Emmys do not rank their choices and the nominees are determined by a simple count.

Unlike sitcoms and dramas, which are simply listed on the ballot by name, reality shows include a description of the plot.

First Elite Wrestling: Dynamite
It features a roster of diverse male and female wrestlers, as well as a legendary commentary team with Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone and Excalibur launching the event each week.

Antiques promotion
Transporting audiences across America to discover the engaging stories behind the treasures we hold dear, while revealing the collective history that binds us together.

Chase the bargain on the seashore
Follows a family that realizes their dreams of living by the sea – on a budget! We’ll follow them on our home quest as we discover some of the most affordable beachfront places that prove that you don’t need to be a millionaire to live on the beach.

The best of the worst
Members watch and review multiple films ranging from B movies to educational videos, sometimes sent by fans. After watching and listening to the films, a rotating panel of four sits down to discuss what they just watched.

Plastic surgeons Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif re-refer victims of plastic surgery disasters.

Celebrity IOU
A-list Hollywood listeners express their gratitude to the individuals who have made a huge impact on their lives with surprising home renovations. Drew and Jonathan Scott help each celebrity make a special makeover.

Cesar Milan: A better dog is a better human
Pet owners across America need help more than ever. Fortunately there is hope. Cesar Milan is ready to tackle the most difficult issues yet.

Challenge: Aftermath with Devin Simon
Hosted by Devyn Simone, the series brings together fan favorites to break out that night’s competition, spill tea backstage, and give fans all the gossip that doesn’t appear on the show!

Dirty tasks
From bayous and the Badlands to desert and landfills, and from sea to sticky sea, Mike Rowe is back at his job to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs and women entrepreneurs to make civilized life possible for the rest of us.

Dr. Pimple Popper
Dr. Sandra Lee is a dermatologist who does acupuncture, encouragement, and squeezing in order to solve some unusual skin conditions, as well as transform the lives of her patients.

Dirty fighter
Christina Dye helps those whose homes have been destroyed by dirt, litter, bacteria, and bats, and offers technical expertise, as well as emotional support.

fix my face
Page Turner negotiates to rescue a home renovation in distress and running out of money. The flippers negotiate for the first time in the hope that they will share in exchange for a share of the profit. After assessing the damage, Page brings her team and her love of fixing bugs and steering the flippers toward financial freedom.

Fixing Top: Welcome Home
Chip and Joe are back with fresh ideas for transforming old homes into innovative and stunning living spaces; Having expanded their business (and family), the Gaineses are now messing around even more during renovations, making things unpredictable.

A team of experienced builders travel around the world to remote locations that need it most. By utilizing their own capabilities and the combined strength of the local community, they work tirelessly to complete a life-changing and transformative project.

flip or flip
It follows real estate experts and home flippers Tarek El Moussa and Christina Hall as they purchase the most neglected real estate in Southern California and renovate them into stunning modern homes that sell for profit in the hot red market.

ghost adventures
Paranormal detectives Zack Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolle and Jay Wasley travel to haunted destinations to uncover the truth behind paranormal activity. They meet with eyewitnesses to piece together a haunted history before their investigation begins, using advanced technology to capture paranormal evidence and a better understanding of the afterlife.

home sweet home
Real families live a different lifestyle when they trade houses.

Home Town Kickstart
Stars activate a 3D launcher mission for six selected cities across the country: retrofit a local hero’s home, give a small business an upgrade and revitalize a public space to generate community pride.

Home Town: Bene Workshop
Woodworker Ben Napier shares his expertise in handicraft and carpentry. Ben welcomes celebrity guests to his shop for a special Southern experience – building unique wood projects and making surprise visits to donate them to the community or a neighbor.

homes with history
A look at the gorgeous backdrops of America’s oldest homes. History expert Mike Lemieux, carpenter Rich Soares and designer Jane MacDonald preserve centuries-old properties in and around Plymouth, Massachusetts, and share the homes’ origins and renovation stories along the way.

Jokers are impractical
Three comedians and lifelong friends compete to embarrass each other among the general public with a series of hilarious and outrageous darings. When Sal, Q, and Murr challenge each other to say or do something, they have to do it… If they refuse, they lose!

Lil John wants to do what?
Rapper and DJ turned home renovation, Lil Jon, reveals his passion for home renovation. Together with designer Anitra Mecadon, Lil Jon helps homeowners trapped in a boring home find their unruly design side with funky renovation ideas that seem impossible to implement.

love in the woods
Fed up with the modern world of dating, fourteen unlucky singles in love embrace their animal instincts to discover if mating like animals can help them find love as humans.

love is blind
Nick and Vanessa Lachey host this social experience where single men and women search for love and engagement, all before meeting in person.

married to real estate
Real estate broker and designer Egypt Sherrod and her husband, builder Mike Jackson, help families find and buy affordable homes in the idyllic metro Atlanta neighborhood. Then, with smart expenses yielding amazing results, Egypt and Mike renovated the properties to increase their value and return on investment.

Mom, your dad
Hosted by Yvonne Orji, a group of single parents looking for a second love shot, their college-age kids monitor their every move behind the scenes.

Queer Eye
The brave Queer Eye ambassadors head to the Lone Star State with a home base in Austin, Texas. Watch as they do their magic again and change the lives of deserving Texans.

Restaurant: Impossible
Robert Irvine is on a mission to save failing restaurants from total collapse. He and his design and build team use all their ingenuity, elbow fat and heart to give small business owners a fighting chance to transform their restaurants and their lives.

RuPaul’s The Pit Stop Drag Race with a Monét X change.
Swipe to The Pit Stop for candid and humorous commentary by Monét X Change and her fan-favorite guests, as they break down all things Drag Race!

shark tank
Sharks, self-made millionaires in the industry, are looking to invest in the best business, giving people from all walks of life a chance to realize the American Dream.

I cut
Summarizing the everyday cases, it appears the average mothers, wives, and girlfriends accused of murder. Did they really do that? And if so, why?

temptation island
Follow four couples at the most vulnerable times in their relationships. Each must decide whether to stick with a lifetime together, or eventually succumb to the temptation that awaits them on the island of Maui, where they join 24 exciting individuals who eagerly hope to find “the one”.

Tough love with Hilary Farr
Interior designer Hilary Farr helps families improve their lives and homes with a splash of love. Using her distinctive intelligence, she eliminates their hesitation, helps them augment their homes to better suit their needs, and develops creative solutions to get these families’ lives back on track.

Warning: marry or go ahead
Couples put their love to the test, while competing with other potential matches.

VH1’s Out Of The Closet
Peek into the colorful lockers of RuPaul’s Drag Race, as the queens detail behind-the-scenes stories of the looks that built RuPaul’s Drag Race’s main stage. Discover the uncharted stories of what happened before the queens trampled the runway.

We need to talk about America
Gender, eating contests, top propositions, social media reveal anything. Our culture can be wild and weird. Especially from the perspective of free-thinking, sharp-witted, first-generation, bi-cultural comedians.

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