2021 Volvo XC60 D5 Engraving: Buying and Ownership Experience

We had to cancel our Land Rover Discovery Sport booking due to delays caused by Covid-19.

BHPian RishavR Bhardwaj Recently shared this with other hobbyists.

Volvo XC60 D5 Inception 2021 [Diesel]

As I sit in front of my laptop writing this thread, I am surrounded by a cloud of persistent Deja Vu, having lived this moment in my mind a thousand times if not more. From the day we booked the car, until now, all I’ve done browsing TeamBHP, is browsing through all of the other property reviews, to reclaim as much writing skills as possible from others. However, whether you are able to do it justice is up to the readers. This initial property review will be filled with plenty of photos, as a result of me playing around with photographers to capture every moment with the car so far. I first wanted to get over the initial euphoria and form my opinions about the car before posting this. As of now we’ve clocked over 9800km in about 4 months of ownership and I finally feel like it’s show time.


  • Focus on timeless beautiful design, from the inside out.
  • Great ride quality.
  • A special Bowers & Wilkins 15-speaker audio unit with Gothenberg Concert Hall mode.
  • D5 powerful twin-turbo diesel engine.
  • The best business front seats (Nappa leather + cooling / heating function + massage function + electronically adjustable side bolsters, lumbar support and lumbar support).
  • No feature overlooked by Volvo. It is loaded as in international markets.
  • Everything seems to have been built to last for years and years of heavy use.
  • ADAS features fairly usable and top-notch security technology.


  • Steering does not inspire confidence when cornering.
  • There are no physical buttons to control the AC.
  • Only a two-year extended warranty is offered, in addition to the already small two-year standard warranty.
  • Setting up ambient lighting seems like an afterthought.
  • Gearbox takes its sweet time to switch between the first and the second.
  • The side door pockets are awkwardly sized. Most bottles tend to dance.


Our garage consisted of a 2017 Jeep Compass, Manual Diesel (dated by my dad), 2017 Maruti Suzuki Dzire, Manual Diesel which my uncle would drive and a Maruti Suzuki Omni whisk to carry miscellaneous things.

the story

So the anecdote took me back to December 2020, the first wave of COVID had just subsided, and the need for another car at home was more evident than ever, since I was a big boy now. Maruti Dzire 2017 had to finally switch from drivers to me, and my dad’s beloved Jeep Compass found its new master in my uncle. And my father had to choose his new girlfriend.

A special mention to me and my parents bond about cars – for as long as I can remember, we’ve had these very special moments every once in a while, which I always looked forward to as a kid. Together we’ll test drive the new cars we love, regardless of whether we’re looking to buy a car or not. We liked cars so much, I don’t remember discussing the dinner table without mentioning cars in them.

Until very recently, I just had to be a spectator of these driving experiences, but not this time, because I was an adult now.

Requirements / Usage

  • The car had to be good at one basic job, one box to mark it: doing chewing miles on the highway, like no one else’s job.
  • My father drives his car himself. Thus, it should be comfortable to drive for long hours without getting tired.
  • The suspension had to be strong. It’s hard to breastfeed on bad roads when rushing to a business meeting in another city.
  • The comfort of the back seat can be compromised, as hardly any body/back gets a chance to enjoy the back seat.

cars in mind

Since my dad was upgrading from a Jeep Compass, nothing less than 50 lakhs on the road didn’t seem like a real “upgrade”.

  • Ford Endeavor- It’s a great SUV, no doubt. But with that comes its ridiculous size, too big for a normal build.
  • The Germans (BMW/X3/X5/Mercedes GLC/GLE) – I had to stay away from the Germans for two reasons, one of them, this stuff is too flashy to own in Bihar/Jharkhand. Second, you obviously pay more for the badge, and less for the equipment.

I have to mention the BMW X3 separately though – oh god how do I explain what an amazing driving machine it is. Had I had a smoother, more comfortable ride and some basic equipment like a 360d camera/ventilated seats, we would have already been sold.

  • Land Rover Discovery Sport – This has been on my dad’s wish list since the launch of his new facelift. I’ve always loved his iron man-like face and simple look. A bunch of his acquaintances had pre-facelifts, and everyone seemed to love it to bits.

Since there is no Land Rover dealership in Jharkhand, Land Rover Kolkata was so considerate that they sent a TD to Ranchi, from Kolkata. Not once but twice. To sum it up, we fell in love with it instantly. Ride quality was great, performance was ample, and I felt smart to drive too. But it was the horrifying stories about the reliability of the Land Roar that made me unsure.

LR Discovery Sport

One day in the middle of both test drives, they showed up once with the new Evoque. It looked really amazing in this shade, but my dad didn’t like the steady ride and awkward rear shape.

Range Rover Evoque

We were still tough at Disco Sport. Since we’re at the end of the year, we were eager to get the new 2021 model that should have come with a bunch of upgrades. We decided to book one as soon as it hits our beaches in March. This was finally done in April and we booked one with a red exterior and black interiors. We promised delivery in June. “Sometimes you gotta let your heart rule” was the excuse I comforted myself with, whenever that ghost of horror stories haunted my nights.

Fast forward to June – the car was not updated, the VIN was not assigned, apparently due to the second wave of COVID.

We were told that they couldn’t deliver our car (in the color combination we wanted) until after October 2021. Since we’ve already waited so long, why not for a few more months, we thought.

But somewhere, there was an itch to try the Volvo XC60, more than that, after plenty of suggestions from fellow TeamBHPians at What’s My Car? path.

Again we don’t have Volvo dealers also in Jharkhand, we call their dealer in Kolkata and in a couple of days they drive 400km to Ranchi for TD.

We realize that the photos/videos do not do justice to the beauty of this Swedish metal art. This was by far the most luxurious interior I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Performance-wise, I wasn’t expecting much from the XC60 at first, given that most (Indian) youtube reviews were somewhat lukewarm. But she managed to surprise us a little, calling her rather an “athlete” that doesn’t sound like a crime anymore. Not as sporty as the Bimmer, but coming from a Jeep Compass, I didn’t have room to complain.

Volvo XC60

Amber Interiors

leap of faith

It had already been about 7 months in Car Hunt and that extra space in our garage was still empty. A VIN wasn’t assigned to our reservation for the Discovery Sport yet, and it looked like Land Rover might have to sell one less car this year. We canceled our disco reservation, with a really sad heart. Having established a rather romantic relationship with the folks at JLR Kolkata.

Now it’s time to book a Volvo, XC60 diesel production has been discontinued and the last batch of diesel engines sold like hot cakes.

Color options were also scarce, and black, white and gray were the only available exterior color options. For the inside, we can choose between dark chocolate and amber. (We chose amber).

The black and white exteriors were dumped almost immediately, the former shedding on a bit tricky maintenance, while the white was never the color we wanted anyway. Options have been narrowed down to Pine Gray only. The problem was that I had only seen it in pictures/videos. In some, it looked closer to black and in others, it looked closer to green. We were baffled until we saw this picture, and that was all we needed to get moving.

The delivery was scheduled for a date more than a month away, and the exact time (up to the minute) was mandated by our astrologer. And he began to wait.

The drive for the “new car” was far from satiated, so I resorted to buying some accessories. (more on that later in the topic)

Within a week, we got the VIN and some pictures of the car parked in the dealer’s yard. He had to stand there for about a month so I made sure the proper conditions were met.


As per the rules/traditions in our family, we are not allowed to sit in the new car until the Puja is performed with it at home. Taking a typical delivery from the agent in Kolkata and driving it to Ranchi was out of the question. So we chose to take it home instead. Our SA was also coming in to give us an official delivery experience.

Oct 19, 2021 – The car left Kolkata in the morning, decided to catch it on the highway to escort it all the way to our place. Up until this point, I was still apprehensive about how the pine gray color of the flesh would appear.

Love at first sight

Looking at the healthy layer of dust everywhere, the color looked much darker than the pictures, and was not too dark to be called black, nor gray, or green. It is a very tasty combination of black, gray and green.

Direct up to 3 meters for thorough washing.

in all its glory

The final delivery was made the next morning.

Audi A6 joins him on a fun ride

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