2021 Mercedes GLE450 4Matic SUV review: Technology that cuts life after a redesign

The Mercedes-Benz GLE 2021 is a luxury mid-size SUV from Mercedes. The new generation Mercedes GLE offers a more modern cabin as well as new chassis technologies. In addition, the GLE is growing a bit, with 7 optional seats, staging a little bit between the previous GLE and GLS. As before, the GLE will be produced in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

What is the difference between Mercedes 350 and 450?

The Mercedes GL 350 is the entry-level SUV in the lineup and comes with a 255-horsepower four-cylinder engine, a nine-speed automatic transmission and a rear-wheel drive (4MATIC also available).

The GLE450, on the other hand, is equipped with a 362-horsepower inline-six turbocharged engine and comes with 369 lb-ft of torque. Seems to be a better fit for an SUV.

What’s New in 2021 Mercedes GLE

The Mercedes GLE Class underwent a major restyling in 2020 and entered its second model year with only minor changes. One of the first changes drivers will notice right away is that some features are now standard on all models. For example, in 2021 the standard for GLE is ambient interior lighting, a wireless smartphone charging pad, and SiriusXM satellite radio.

Also, there is a new feature if you have the Mercedes me app. It is called a parking damage detection system. Let’s say you park your Mercedes GLE somewhere and it is pushed while parked, you will receive a notification through the app.

Also new are the powerful AMG-tuned GLE 53 and GLE 63 S, both of which debuted in 2021. The coupe model is also back in GLE versions.


The exterior design of the 2021 GLE450 4MATC SUV, while clearly recognizable as a Mercedes product, shows a sophisticated, more rounded and streamlined version of the brand’s image. The car is built on a longer wheelbase of 80 mm and, according to Mercedes-Benz, sets the standard in this class in terms of aerodynamics.

The new design is much less conservative than the previous generation. It looks modern, with a very clean body trimmed without the need for violent strokes.


Inside, a notable feature is the new dual-screen setup we saw recently in EQC’s upcoming electric vehicle. This longer wheelbase means the interior is larger, and in fact a third row of seats is available as an option. The second row seats are electrically adjustable in six directions. The second row is very spacious and luxuriously comfortable.

In the first row, passengers can access many functions of the multimedia system and other elements thanks to the available gesture control technology.

The infotainment system features larger screens, a high-resolution color screen on the windshield, and the new MBUX Interior Assistant.

2021 Mercedes GLE450 4Matic SUV Inside

New Active Stop-and-Go Assist allows the GLE to quickly detect traffic jams and actively supports the driver in traffic jams up to 35 mph. Also new since the 2020 redesign is Active Brake Assist with Cross-Traffic Assist with cross-traffic support. If there is a risk of a collision when the vehicle passes in front of oncoming vehicles, the vehicle automatically brakes when traveling at a low speed.

2021 Mercedes GLE450 4Matic Rear Seat SUV

The trunk of the GLE450 is large and spacious. Here’s the GLE450 boot space: 33.3 cubic feet. GLE Max cargo capacity, seats down: 74.9 cubic feet.

GLE . Powertrain

The GLE450 comes with a 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six that delivers 362 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque. This engine is actually powered by an electric motor that delivers an additional 21 horsepower for short periods. This version of the SUV comes with all-wheel drive (hence the name 4MATIC) as standard. A 9-speed automatic transmission is the standard transmission on this version.

The fuel consumption of the 2021 GLE450 4MATIC SUV is contained in terms of engine power and in economy mode is significantly reduced. The window sticker, marked “non-finish,” gives 23 mpg city/highway, and allocates respectively 21 mpg city and 26 mpg highway.


The 2021 GLE450 4MATIC SUV I was driving came in at $75,770. Suggested retail price starts at $62,500 and goes up to $75,770 if you add the optional quantity and value-added packages.

In general, GLE is priced as follows:

  • GLE350 – $55,800
  • GLE450 – $62.550
  • GLE580 – $79,950

Mercedes GLE450: behind the wheel

In town, the steering is so smooth that I find myself driving with one hand and my elbow in the door. The standard 9-speed automatic gearbox shines through without telling anyone.

comfort ? The new GLE450 is automatically fitted with AirMatic air suspension that wipes out everything that happens under its tires.

2021 Mercedes GLE450 4Matic SUV Rear

Sound insulation is not like an S-class limousine, but the result is really not far off. The engine is silent at a constant speed on the highway. Here, we also appreciate the improvement of its engines, which just have to use torque to revive and override.

2021 Mercedes GLE450 4Matic SUV Trunk

Overall, the GLE450 is a very fit, luxurious, spacious SUV with solid grip on the road.

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