2011 Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera Second Drive


Lamborghini is so confident in the track prowess of its new Gallardo Superleggera that the company invited us to drive one at Monteblanco outside Seville, Spain – and Just on this path.

Or have we veered away from the more malleable smoothness, in which we might recall the ‘electronic’ single-clutch automatic transmission and the powerful, but often criticized, and optional carbon-ceramic brakes?

Superleggera It means “very light” in Italian, and the car has a mission to lose weight, as did the 2007-era Gallardo that also wore this suffix. As before, Lambo spreads its lightweight carbon fiber widely – around the polycarbonate bonnet, on the side sills, and throughout the interior. Lightweight polycarbonate also stands out in the rear glass as well as the front and rear quarter windows, and 19-inch wheels are forged aluminum. And ultra-thin, carbon-fiber bucket seats are now legal in the United States.

To achieve the 154-pound reduction, which is 28 pounds more than previous Superleggera savings, some weight peeling might sound obsessive—thinner, but more solid, the Pirelli P Zero Corsas design delivers 0.83 pounds per frame, and each of the 20 titanium nuts is 0.13 pounds lighter — especially considering that the Superleggera retains Gallardo’s all-wheel drive system, unlike the limited-edition Gallardo Balboni rear model. Lamborghini says giving up all-wheel drive would have saved just 66 pounds, far less than the typical weight penalty for all-wheel drive.

The reason is that the open-minded Italian manufacturer didn’t want to sacrifice acceleration, which the Superleggera – aided by its four-wheel traction and extremely brutal, 5,500-rpm launch control, and clutch drop – has in spades. Lambo says the lighter car snaps the Gallardo’s time from 0 to 60 mph by 0.3 seconds, putting it at 2.9. Improving the quarter-mile time by the same amount would push the Superleggera into the 10s, as there is almost no other street car except the 1,001-hp Bugatti Veyron. is that possible? We’ll find out as soon as possible.

Also part of the $242,695 Superleggera is a 10 horsepower increase to 562 for the punk V-10 and significantly stiffer suspension tuning—90 percent stiffer bushings, 20 percent more damping force, thicker anti-roll bars— Which undoubtedly contributes to significant gains for the car in its readiness to turn. Excessive driving in a Lambo results in not steering safely, which is a common, if frustrating, topic in SUVs. But calm down, and the eager Gallardo’s, with steering that’s surprisingly pure for an AWD, is spurred on by the zeal to turn the center corner when you step back on the gas pedal or hit the brakes. Hence, the four-wheel traction forces you through that heroically.

With its newfound responsiveness, a V-10 engine wailing visibly furiously frenzy from the four guns from the rear, and electronic gearbox rearrangement changes in Corsa’s maximum attack mode, the Superleggera evokes from behind the wheel in some way that most accurately embodies the outrageous look of the Lamborghini wedge. curly;


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