1971 Plymouth Barracuda for sale has seen better days

Looking for a 1971 Plymouth Barracuda? Want it cheap? Well, look no further than this eBay list here, but beware, these Cuda halcyon days are pretty long.

For a bid of $5,001 or more, you can get rust rust for a file ChryslerA 1971 Cuda Plymouth, but only if you have the time, money and patience for a project car. This is how the seller describes the car…

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1971 Cuda 340′ FOR SALE

The listing describes the junk as a 1971 Plymouth Cuda 340 Automatic Factory FC7. The exterior is violet with a black and white interior. It has road lights, hood pins, as well as a front and rear spoiler package along with bright exhaust tips. The steering is manual, and the car does not come with air conditioners. In addition, there are drum brakes.

Should the excitement begin to grow, the seller is very clear about the fact that “the 340/727 engine and transmission are long gone.” Well, for $5,000, you can’t expect a motor, can you?

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More details about ‘Cuda

Cuda is a purple plant with a white top, and that makes it fairly rare, even if you can’t see the color under the rust rust. It’s a 2008 Cudas 340, and the fender badge is intact.

The seller claims body numbers and VIN matches, and there is a clear Illinois address to match. But the list makes it clear that everything in the car will need replacing, including “all body panels, fenders, door tops, luggage compartment and interior floor pans.”

The bars are also rusty and the car has no glass, as are all windshields and windows. There are bucket seats and a back seat core, and some random parts are placed in the trunk, which the seller has included a picture of. The car will come to the buyer on rollers, because wheels and tires are not part of the contract. It has a colorful grille, and is in decent shape.

Remember, this is a big project though when it comes to the ‘Cuda’ people started with a much less car for a lot of money, and they still ran a great full restoration, well worth a lot of money.

All in all, for $5,001 or more, you can have a project vehicle that can become your dream Cuda with time, money and plenty of working hours. interested? The current bid is $4,951, which is just $50 of the bid amount.

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Dennis Collins hunting a 1971 Plymouth Koda and 1981 Chevy Camaro
Dennis Collins hunting a 1971 Plymouth Koda and 1981 Chevy Camaro

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