1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396 is our favorite among today’s options

• We chose the 1970 Chevy Chevelle SS 396 as our pick up today’s trailer. (BaT, as car and driver Owned by Hearst Autos.)

• The Chevelle has a four-speed manual transmission and a 402 cubic inch V-8 engine.

• Auction ends in four days, and bids are currently valued at over $55,000.

Let’s tell you what Melba Toast is packing here, okay. We got a 3:31 Positrac rear-end, 402 cubic inch, 10.25:1 piston, carb-single four-cylinder, Turbo-Jet 350 horsepower. We’re talking about some muscle. Suppose, do you own a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396 that is shown in a trailer? no? It would be even cooler if you did.

Chevelle Chevelle SS

Bring a trailer

That’s because this car has a Muncie M-21 four-speed transmission, front disc brakes, and an induction cowl, for when your friend is rolling along in White Lightning and wants to prove he’s got a better boot. But this isn’t a stripper racer, no sir. It’s luxurious, too—check the vinyl ceiling and AM/FM radio. And this box will look completely filled with ice and your favorite drinks when there is a celebration in the tower. The spare tire is there, too.

No need for your friends to watch the leather, man, because the inside is vinyl black. The inside was white, but black was the original, so they put it back that way. crazy. Speaking of what happened to the decals that say “396” but the engine is a 402? Did you get bored or something along the way? No, that’s exactly what Chevy did in the ’70s. They stashed six more cubes there and didn’t tell anyone. Ali right. That’s what we call Levine, man: Levine.

Chevelle Chevelle SS

Bring a trailer

The older you get, the more rules they’ll try to get you to follow, so keep that in mind when you’re deciding whether to bid on one of Chevy’s last awesome heavy cars. Your financial advisor might say not to invest in Chevelles, but that’s what the box will say. A car like this keeps getting old, but it will always make you feel the same age. Well Well.

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