1949 Pontiac sedan delivery was an ambulance

Not all barn finds are the type that converts because some are just shells, waiting for you to put your box drive type in to run after years of abandonment.

This eBay seller is showing a file classic cars Something along those lines is a 1949 Pontiac sedan rendition with rusty exterior sides, and there’s not much under the hood. But it can become your type of project car considering that it has been waiting for you for nearly 70 years.

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All you get is a shell with a grilled patina

At the beginning itself, the eBay listing explains: “This car has been sitting for years, no engine or transmission, missing some parts and has some rust.”

Found in a West Texas barn in 1949, this Pontiac sedan has a sunny patina, which means it’s basically rusty and faded, but it still has the decorative moldings and chrome. It comes with large quarter windows that roll up and down, and listings guess it looks like a factory black car.

When it comes to the insides, there’s still only the driver’s bucket and the tailgate glass. The listing states that the vehicle has some rust and does not have an engine or transmission. All you get is what you see in the pictures.

There is a phone number provided as well, which provides complete transparency to anyone who wants the vehicle, and the seller is happy to allow interested buyers to come in for a check out. They state that the car needs a complete overhaul. They are sold as is, and the buyer will have to pay any and all transportation costs.

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The car is the Pontiac Streamliner station wagon

The vehicle in question is a Pontiac Streamliner station wagon that performed ambulance duty at the time. The listing claims to come with a clean title and no guarantee. The buyer will have to make a non-refundable deposit of $500 within 24 hours of the sale, and the balance is due in full within seven days of the sale.

There is no vehicle PIN, because the car is a 1949 model and has 100,000 miles on the odometer. The current bid is $8950, although there are still 28 days left for the bidding to end.

Many may see the potential in this antique shell, so you better bid soon, if you love the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis post-WWII classic restoring its lost beauty.

Source: eBay

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