17 Best Wedding Table Decorations for 2022

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While All The details in your wedding decor are just as important as the following details, there is no need to pay extra attention to decorating your wedding table. “Table decor helps bring the elements from your party into the reception—it ties together the event perfectly,” explains Mackenzie Taylor. This is where your guests approach your wedding decor and, frankly, will spend the most time during your reception.

To help you make sure every detail at your wedding is perfect, we’ve rounded up the best decorations for decorating your tables, from centerpieces, table numbers, venue settings, and more. Taylor tells us, “I’ve seen it all [on a wedding table] From confetti, candy, colorful floral arrangements, photography phones, crystal centerpieces and more. “Whether you’re hosting a romantic country getaway or a modern black-tie wedding, there’s something for everyone.

Read on for the best wedding table decorations.

Alfie and Gem Boho Rattan Chargers


Creating the perfect place setting is all about layering the fabric, and these woven placemats are the perfect place to start boho or beach weddings—stack plates one by one, starting with the largest at the bottom for a balanced setting.

Twistionery Wedding Table Numbers


This metal table number is a stylish and versatile option as well. Place it on a wooden stand for a rustic look, display it in a double-sided acrylic frame for a modern evening, or place it inside a bouquet of dried flowers for a boho vibe. The best part is that they are ready to use, so you’ll take the stress off your decorating.

Custom Round Menu with Wax Seal by Mila Design


A specially designed menu card is a nice touch to any setting – it gives your guests a preview of your next meal and a chance to follow along as each delicious dish arrives. For a romantic, vintage touch, we love adding a wax seal on this menu design.

NUPTIO Metal Flower Vase


The vase or stand you use in your centerpiece is just as important as the actual flowers you choose to create your bouquet. A raised stand, like this one, is perfect for black-laced gatherings and fancier receptions. The sculptural base is airy and open enough that guests can keep conversations flowing across the table.

Antique brass candlestick by Nestlings


Nothing sets the mood for a wedding more than candles, and tall, pointed candles instantly add a touch of elegance to any setting. These gold holders have an airy antique sheen and will work with a variety of reception styles, from rustic bow tie to black bow tie.

Glass bowl from Dea Tee


Looking to fill your table with a variety of whimsical flowers? There’s nothing more magical than swapping out traditional centerpieces for an eclectic mix of vases to house individual flower buds. Instead of collecting and saving bottles and jars from friends and family, consider this set of 20 bud vases a smart investment—you’ll be sure to use them for years to come.

All the golden details of the glass hurricane tubes for candlesticks


If you are having an outdoor reception, the slightest breeze can spoil the candlelit atmosphere. Hurricane tubes are essential for uncertain weather and add a certain sparkle to any setting. It’s also a great idea for indoor receptions too.

Dried hydrangea flower centerpiece Zorazu


It’s not uncommon these days to see dried flowers arranged in a centerpiece, on a clamshell, or even in a bridal bouquet. Perfect for bohemian and rustic themes, the dried floral trend not only adds a certain charm, but remains well-kept, so it will also last for years after the honeymoon is over.

High Vibe Honey Co. Gauze napkins or cotton tablecloth


If the magic is in the details, you don’t want to skimp on style when it comes to choosing your table napkins. Replace traditional cloth napkins with light and airy muslin for an unexpected, romantic feel. Light colors and pastel colors look lovely in a bohemian setting, while darker tones will look totally at home at a modern reception.

Don’t Forget Wedding Trivia Napkins


Serving appetizers and cocktails at your reception? These personalized cocktail napkins feature fun facts and trivia about the happy couple – a cute touch that family and friends will love.

Hooray 25 Days Wedding Table Games


Nothing makes a table look more inviting than a group of guests having a good time. These fun cards come in an elegant wedding favor box that goes perfectly with the rest of your table decor. It’s an icebreaker that your guests will really love.

North Wind Show Character Heart-shaped Leather Napkin Ring


No matter what napkins you choose to decorate your table with, this monogram napkin ring is sure to impress. These modern leather rings lock into place, creating a heart shape that reveals the couple’s initials, engraved in gold.

Willett and Co. place cards.


A great addition to the marine and coastal wedding theme, these creative place cards add a beachy touch in a way that still feels formal. Oyster shells are painted with gold trim and decorated with the names of each of your guests. It’s a place card that doubles as a treat they’ll take home and treasure forever.

Books & Timbers Fairy Tale Wedding Table Runner Pages


If you both love to read or are just looking for an update to your traditional tablecloth table, look no further. This creative composition features pages of favorite fairy tales for table decoration – sure to be a hit in any rustic, woodland, or outdoor setting.

Hooray Days Small Wooden Easel


Greet your guests with pictures of you and your spouse propped up on small wooden stands. They’ll serve as reminders of favorite memories, important milestones, and great conversation starters at every table.

Perfect photo personalized paper written in star coaster


The perfect accessory for an observatory wedding, these constellation coasters are as beautiful as they are useful. Featuring the couple’s astrological signs and names, it’s a service that also works well for a new age-inspired wedding.

Emerald Boutique CA Acrylic Circle Drink Tags


Personalized with your guests’ names, these acrylic drink cards will keep everyone’s drinks in order. When added to a place setting or to an escort card wall, these signs pull double duty by helping guests find their seats.

What to look for in wedding table decorations

First, be sure to consider the overall decor of the wedding. Hosting a relaxing party, beachside party, or modern event at an urban art fair? A black-tie event at a museum or a summer camp wedding in a forest reserve? Wedding table decor should match your style, color palette and wedding party.

However, don’t be afraid to mix things up! Sometimes a pop of color or a metallic print can add a touch of unexpected whimsy to a table. Modern stripes in table numbers, place cards, and other paper goods can elevate a rustic look and make it more modern.


  • Table decor can run the gamut from pricey accents to DIY-friendly projects. Since almost any design style can be achieved with any budget, it is important to plan within your means.

    If you’re working on a tight budget, recycling and making things yourself can help offset the costs. Appeal to skilled friends and family members for outsourcing supplies and help.

  • This thing is up to you. If you prefer open seating where your guests can choose where they sit, that’s perfectly acceptable. However, keep in mind that formal settings and black tie affairs usually feature dedicated seating. It may be helpful to instruct guests with table numbers and place cards. (Takes the guesswork out of the process!)

  • Not a requirement! While the centerpieces act as the table’s focal point, you can get creative with your table decor. Consider a table racer under a tall table in place of a large centerpiece bouquet or votive candles placed inside bud vases or pictures in place of a classic centerpiece.

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