10 Uncool collectors are desperate to get their hands on them

In most cases, assembly cars represent the top tier of the automotive industry. Take the Ferrari 250 GTO, for example. This rare Ferrari has a great design, powerful engine, excellent driving dynamics and, above all, it is one of the most successful racing cars of all time. Given all these traits, it’s easy to see why it sold for $70 million at a private auction.

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However, not all assembly cars are as big as the Ferrari 250 GTO. In fact, some of them are absolutely terrible, which leaves us wondering why so many gear heads are so desperate to buy them, sometimes for millions of dollars. Read on as we explore ten bad assembly cars that most gearheads dream of owning.

10 Maybach Exelero

When a car has the word “Maybach” in its model name, gear heads expect it to be expensive. However, everyone was still shocked when they learned the price of the Maybach Exelero when it was built in 2004 – a whopping $8 million.

The Exelero was built for a German tire company that wanted a new high-performance car to test their new tyres. It’s definitely one of the ugliest sports cars we’ve seen. The fact that only one was ever built may have played a big part in the price, but we still think it’s quite a lot. However, many wealthy people would do anything to own this one time.

9 Lamborghini Countach

Everyone can tell when a Lamborghini is about a mile away. Their outrageous designs and loud engines are almost impossible to ignore. The first Lamborghini to wow everyone with its extreme design was the iconic Countach in 1974. The Countach was the brainchild of the legendary Marcello Gandini, who devised a wedge-shaped design that made a place on the wall in every boy’s room.

The Countach is still a dream car for most gearheads, which is why many are still willing to pay even $500,000 for it. Unfortunately, the Countach isn’t as fun to drive as it seems. Heavy steering, clutch and transmission along with the worst cabin ergonomics make everyday driving impossible.

8 Aston Martin Lagonda

In the late 1940s, Aston Martin bought British luxury carmakers Lagonda. A few decades later, Aston decided to use the Lagonda name for a new full-size luxury sedan – the Aston Martin Lagonda. Lagonda shocked the world when it was launched, thanks in large part to its quirky design – it looked like it had been crushed by a giant.

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As with British cars produced in the 70’s and 80’s, Lagonda’s build quality wasn’t great, and many buyers complained of mechanical and electronic malfunctions. However, only 647 were made and everyone wants one today.

7 1953 Chevrolet Corvette C1

The Corvette has been America’s favorite sports car since its introduction in the early 1950s. Everyone fell in love with the Corvette for its design and the fact that it delivers the kind of performance normally associated with European sports cars without paying an exorbitant price. However, not all Corvettes are winners. In fact, the first generation Corvette was a complete disappointment.

While its design was great, it was equipped with sedan suspension and awesome engines. With 150 horsepower on tap, the performance was lacking. People are still paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for a Corvette C1.

6 DeLorean DMC-12

When John DeLorean left Pontiac in the late 1970s, he decided to start his own automobile company in order to fulfill his childhood dream of building a world-class sports car. He founded the DeLorean Motor Company in 1975 and launched his first car six years later – the DeLorean DMC-12.

DeLorean was a huge success at first. It had a wonderful wedge-shaped design and gull-wing doors that rivaled the best from Italy. Unfortunately, it was weak and expensive, which is why it ended up being a commercial failure. Despite the weak force, people still pay six figures for DeLoreans, in large part due to their role in Back to the future Movies.

5 Lamborghini Veneno

As mentioned earlier, Lamborghini has an extreme approach to car design. No one expected the Lambo design to be simple-looking, but even they’ve taken it a little too far in some cases. Veneno 2013 was one of those examples. There is a lot going on with the design of this car to call it beautiful.

However, it still has a massive 740-horsepower V12 under the hood, and with only 14 models, it’s easy to see why people would pay $4 million for it.

4 Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio

When Sergio Pininfarina died in 2012, Ferrari decided to honor its longstanding partnership with the legend by building a new special car. The result was the Pininfarina Sergio, which was unveiled at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. The Sergio is a Barchetta based on the Ferrari 458 Spyder.

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Sadly, the Sergio didn’t look quite as good as the Ferraris that Pininfarina had designed over the years. Ferrari still sells the six cars it built for $3 million, and as you’d expect from one of Ferrari’s rarest cars, prices are skyrocketing.

3 Weber Faster One

In 2008, Swiss automaker Weber Sportscars promised to build a car that could beat the production speed record for the Bugatti Veyron. The result was Weber Faster One. According to the company, the Faster One can reach a top speed of more than 248 mph, thanks to its 5.6-liter twin-suction V10 engine that produces 1,200 horsepower.

Those were great performance numbers, but there was one big problem with the car – it was awful. The undulating front end, weird radiator grilles, and erratic headlights made the faster car look like a strange sea creature. Many gearheads still push nothing to test its speed.

2 Coffin C6W

In the 2000s, a small Italian automaker known as Covini Engineering shocked the world when it came up with one of the strangest sports cars we’ve seen – the C6W. The C6W made news right away for one major reason – it had six wheels.

According to Covini, the six wheels are designed to improve grip and braking, allowing the C6W to effortlessly handle 434 horsepower coming from its 4.2-liter V8. While that may be true, the C6W ended up being one of the ugliest Italian sports cars out there. However, Covini still sells many C6Ws for a crazy $600,000, and many gear heads are willing to pay a lot more for that today.

1 Lamborghini LM002

Lamborghini is mostly known for building high-performance supercars. However, in the 80s, the Italian brand tried to build something completely different – an off-road truck. Dubbed the LM002 or “Rambo Lambo,” this truck shocked everyone when it was introduced in 1986.

Despite its ugly design, the LM002 was powered by a Countach-sourced 5.2-liter V12 and had all sorts of luxury amenities, including full leather trim, air conditioning, tinted power windows, and premium stereo. Only 328 were built, and finding one today is nearly impossible.

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