10 reasons why the Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 is perfect for driving enthusiasts

The stronghold The Shelby GT350 is simply one of the best Mustangs ever. It’s almost the perfect blend of an everyday sports car and a track-ready beast, all rolled into one great looking package.

The Mustang has been the standard for the American pony car since its introduction in the 1960s—even with the various terrible versions of the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s. The 2000s Mustang put the model back where it was meant to be, offering a tremendous amount of power for relatively little money. The S550 The generation, introduced in 2015, brought the Mustang into the 21st century as the first generation to feature independent rear suspension—like a proper sports car. With the new generation, Ford introduced the GT350, a continuation of the original, but with appropriately modern technology. Even the engine was reworked for the modern era as it contained the same equipment used in Ferrari cars.

The GT350 is truly one of the best Mustangs ever built, making way for what would become the new GT500 – the most powerful Ford ever built. With that said, here are ten reasons why the Ford Mustang GT350 is perfect for driving enthusiasts.

10 It looks great

The Ford Mustang has been a good-looking car in every generation, even fox body Jill – but except for the dreaded second Mustang. fifth generation (S197It brought the Mustang back to its roots with some muscle car styling and much better engines.

The S550 The model that followed, brought the Mustang into the modern world with its independent suspension setup and new engines, including American wolf – Coyote V8 and all its variants. The GT350 was the first to get a sporty body kit and racing-inspired upgrades – all of which made it look great.

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9 Treat it like magic

The GT350 has far better handling than any Mustang that came before it—thanks to the Mustang’s standard independent rear suspension. The GT350 got a host of other upgrades focused on handling such as improved chassis tuning, better brake rotors for a more responsive feel, and adjustable dampers.

The hood has also been lowered to provide a better view of the road – or racetrack – giving the driver more confidence in the car. The steering is precise enough to put the car exactly where you want it, but without being stuttering on the street.

8 The engine is a masterpiece

The engine is basically 5.0 liters American wolf – Coyote A V8 engine, but instead of a standard cross-plane crankshaft—resulting in the distinctive American V8 sound—the GT350’s 5.2-liter naturally aspirated unit features a flat, Ferrari-like crankshaft.

Thanks to the reduction in deadlocks and reworked titles, the voodoo The V8 can increase its speed to 8250 rpm, the highest ever in a V8 Mustang. Other changes and improvements result in a muscular car with 526 hp and 429 lb-ft, with the air of a European sports car – which is not a bad thing.

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7 She only had one transmission option

The S550 The Mustang was available with a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic, but when it was updated in 2018, the only transmission option for both the Mustang EcoBoost and the GT was the 10-speed automatic.

Ford decided not to use the automatic as it was deemed too impersonal and taken from experience. This GT350 was left with only a 6-speed manual – which was definitely the better option. Many loyal customers and race car drivers alike praised Ford’s decision as it makes every GT350 desirable.

6 The noise is unlike any other Mustang

American muscle cars have a very distinctive sound coming from the exhaust. Where most European V8s use firing commands for an even, smooth sound, many American V8s use a single firing command – alternating between cylinder banks with the same bank firing individually to give them a distinct idle sound.

5.0 liter Mustang GT American wolf – Coyote It uses a single firing sequence thanks to a cross-plane crankshaft, but since 5.2 liters voodoo It has a flat plane, it forces the engine into a firing sequence. This turns the big American V8 into a high-end European-like V8 – completely different to a Mustang.

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5 It has cool upgrades in the factory

The GT350 was available in two variants, either the regular GT350 or the more track-focused GT350R. The “R” is aimed at those buyers who enjoy taking their cars to the track at the weekend and racing against the clock to see who can get around the track the fastest. As such, the GT350R has a host of aerodynamic upgrades like a larger spoiler, larger splitter, and lightweight wheels to reduce inertia momentum.

Meanwhile, the “regular” model is for those owners who enjoy weekend driving along a twisty back road and who just want to use their Mustang. like a mustang. Something fun and comfortable to drive every day, if needed, but still provides the same level of noise and entertainment as a more focused car.

4 It is as comfortable to drive on the streets as it is fierce on the track

Speaking of comfort, the GT350 is a very good car on public roads. The MagneRide The dampers help control the mass of the vehicle and smooth out all the subtle – but not the minute – bumps and hills that can be found on ordinary streets.

Meanwhile, those same dampers can be set to their highest setting, creating a ride to help the car control itself during tough turns on the track, all while keeping the rear stationary and the front ready to change direction whenever needed.

3 Pave the way for the GT500

The GT350, despite being a great car, was a test drive to see if the public still wanted a suitably fast Mustang with some sophisticated upgrades and more advanced technology. The answer was an overwhelming ‘yes’ as the GT350 and GT350R were sold during the 2015 to 2020 production period.

Ford then proceeded to up the ante with the new GT500, which shared much of its technology with the GT350, but was called up to eleven. The GT500 got carbon wheels, a dual-clutch transmission and more advanced engine management systems than the Eurofighter Typhoon. Ford states that the current Mach 1 Mustang is the successor to the GT350, but the two cars have very little in common, which led to the GT500’s conclusion.

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2 It’s a relatively rare car

The GT350 was launched in 2015 and went into full production in 2016. It sold faster than Ford could keep up, and has since become an instant classic – a collector’s car before it finished production. Well, production is now over and GT350 prices are on the rise.

Part of this is due to the fact that Ford limited production a bit, producing only 23,500 units in its five years of production. This makes the GT350 and GT350R a very rare car, compared to the 500,000-plus regular Mustangs. S550s produced. A must for anyone who wants to get it soon, before prices get completely out of hand.

1 It had a special heritage edition

To mark the end of GT350 production, Ford created the GT350 Heritage Edition. Mechanically, the car isn’t unlike any of the other GT350s out there, but it does come with some nice cosmetic trim. First, all versions of the Heritage GT350 are finished Wimbledon White with twin blue guard GT350 stripes and badges on the fenders – just like the GT350 used by Ken Miles 55 years ago.

The Heritage version also added most options as standard, including sticky tires, aerodynamic upgrades and a sport exhaust. The GT350 Heritage Edition was a great way to end production of one of the most unique Mustangs ever, and one that paved the way for all of the Mustangs we currently own and will have in the future—almost the perfect companion for driving enthusiasts.

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