10 Inexpensive Trucks Under $5000 We’d Really Love To Own

Trucks have always been the backbone of the American auto market, and likely always will be, whether they run on gasoline or electric. But we don’t want to wait for the future to arrive, we want to buy a pickup truck now. A new Ridgeline, F-150, Tacoma or Sierra costs at least $30,000 to start with. That’s just the starting point, trucks can cost up to $80,000 for some extra power and features. But when it comes to the primary duty of the truck, and the purpose of its existence, used The cheaper ones get the job done though.
Moreover, if you are a first time buyer and looking to get into the world of trucking, buying a cheap used car makes more sense. That way, while you get used to it, a few bumps and scrapes won’t raise your blood pressure much. Also, you don’t want your learning stage to spread by crashing a huge big truck full of features that you may not understand or need.
While you can easily go to a used car dealership and get a decent truck for under $10,000, we push things even further. Any good, reliable truck you get for $5,000 is an automatic win, considering it’s an amount nearly anyone can set aside to have an impressive workforce. These are 10 of the trucks to look for in this price range.

10 2000-2006 Toyota Tundra

If you want a full-size truck for under $5,000 but don’t want a very large truck like what we see today, the first generation Tundra (most likely an SRS) might be perfect for you. It was first called the T-150, but Ford sued Toyota over a similar name, so we got the Tundra name instead.

Either way, it was named Truck Of The Year by Motor Trend magazine in 2000. Expect 15 to 18 mpg, which is nothing to complain about in a truck.

9 1997-2004 Nissan Frontier

The Frontier is a very reliable truck that’s a great deal for $5,000. The 1st and 2nd Generation Frontiers can easily be found within our budget, but you can find a new one like the 2009 or 2010 in the same price range if you look a little more demanding or are out of luck.

Nissan has had its ups and downs in the auto industry, but its reliability has rarely been questioned. The Frontier is more than just a capable, reliable and low-cost truck, it’s easy to use.

8 The early seventies of the last century

We seemed to overlook trucks from International in favor of Ford or Chevy. This can be a good thing for buyers because they can now get a well-maintained vintage international truck like the Light Line pickup, also known as the D-Series for a fraction of the price compared to a Dodge, Toyota, Ford or Chevy pickup.

International is known for making good tractors but people didn’t expect them to make really good and powerful trucks. Now, looking at them still mighty might make them want to reconsider their ideas.
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7 1995-2004 Toyota Tacoma

These trucks have retained their value for a long time. However, you can find them, especially those from 1995 – 2000 within our strict price range of $5000. Detail or expand your search a bit more and you may end up with a newer model, but perhaps with a two-wheel drive and one cab.

As far as the 1995-2000 generation goes, it will be more readily available if you don’t have a lot of time. But these things are built to last and will last if you take good care of them.

6 The second – third generation Dodge D-100

The Dodge D-100 is an excellent pickup truck if you are interested in older models. You’ll easily find a second and third generation D-100 restored for less than $5,000. Even the 1959 D-100 came with a 5.2-liter V8 that produced 205 horsepower, so it didn’t lack power.

Alternatively, restoring a classic pickup can be a lot of fun, getting a slight rout of a mid-’60s D-100 and working on it. The average price at Hagerty for a restored version is around $8000 but you can find the one that needs a bit of work in our budget.

5 Dodge D-200 in the 70’s or 80’s

If you loved the aforementioned Dodge D-100, but want a bigger, more powerful truck, then its brother, the D-200, might do the job for you. For more money, you can get your hands on a late 1970s to early 1980s D-200 and forget about any concerns about its reliability or parts availability.

Speaking of which, if you like to work on the truck and want to buy a truck that is not well maintained, you can get it at a much lower price. It’s a great deal when it comes to classic trucks.
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4 2004-2012 Chevrolet Colorado

When Chevy Colorado launched, it replaced the Old Faithful S-10 (more on that to come). It was neither the most famous nor the most powerful with 220 horsepower, 225 lb-ft. Inline Engine-5. There were more powerful trucks of reliable and reliable brands.

But over time, trucks have continued to prove their durability and longevity. They have not become so beloved today help us when buying second-hand. You might also be lucky and get a version with all-wheel drive or a version with less than 100,000 miles on the odometer.
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3 Early 1980s to mid-20th century Chevy S-10

The Chevy S-10 was sold in North America from 1981 until 2004 when it was replaced by Colorado. The sheer abundance makes it less exclusive and hassle-free in terms of buying and maintaining a used model. Over the years, the S-10 has evolved into a truly iconic American pickup.

A quick search in the used market will result in ready-to-own S-10s priced at up to $2,200! Moreover, there is no particular year to be avoided or anything like that, all the S-10s were good visually and mechanically. Finding one will not be difficult either.

2 1998-2011 Ford Ranger

You may notice a pattern here; Most of the trucks listed here have been around for many years now, which makes them highly available. Well, the ranger is no exception. Sold from 1983 to 2011, the Ranger has shown time and time again to be a very strong, durable and reliable machine.

Generation A-Arm from 1998 and 2011 will make the most of your $3,000-5,000 cash. It comes with a 4-cylinder engine, a 3.0-liter V-6, or a 4.0-liter V-6, best for 2001 or later models.
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1 1998-2003 Ford F-150

The F-150 is probably the best value for money truck on the market right now. For $5,000 or less, you get a heavy-duty truck with a V8 engine under the hood. The market was awash with F-150s, so finding one for the cheap is a piece of cake, and the same goes for its maintenance and parts.

You can also find F-150 trucks with an extended cab or crew cab quite easily. If you find a Lariat, a version of a Harley Davidson, or a SVT Lightning (which adds an extra 100 horsepower to an already powerful 5.4-liter V8), you’re in for one deal.

These are the 10 best trucks with resale value right now

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