10 Fastest ’70s Classics You Can Buy For Cheap

The 1970s – the decade that brought you horrific events, serial killers, amazing albums, heart-wrenching sports events, great books, great movies, and absolutely amazing cars. In fact, the 70s are so trendy right now, whether in terms of fashion, music samples, or general aesthetics, everyone wants to live in the 70s.
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This may be the reason why the prices of classic cars from the 1970s have skyrocketed in recent years. After all, who are we to blame? There’s nothing better than hitting the streets with the latest vintage ’70s style; Makes you look different, cool and elegant. However, we did find some underrated classics that are still cheap for your luck. And the best part? These cars are very fast.

10 Jaguar XJS – $7000

When people think of classic Jaguar cars, the Type E or the Type D are always what they have in mind. Nevertheless, the XJS is a great touring car that is on its way to becoming a collectible of the future. Driving an XJS is an unforgettable experience, comfortable and surprisingly simple.

The XJS has a 4-liter V6 engine that produces 240 horsepower. The XJS can hit 60 mph in under 7.3 seconds without any problem. Given everything, we’ll go and say that for $7,000 there is no better deal. Indeed, it is a classic underrated game that deserves all your attention.

9 Porsche 924 – $5000

Most Porsche experts consider the 924 to be one of the worst Porsche cars ever. But we think this is completely wrong. The 924 is Porsche’s unsung hero, which you can buy for $5,000.

People love to hate the 924 because it’s not a 911, even though the 0-60 time is about one second slower than the 911T of the same year. However, 924s are only getting more expensive every year, as people are finally realizing their potential. So we suggest you move before their prices go too high.

8 Maserati Indy – $30,000

Why would anyone buy a 50-year-old car for $30,000 when you could buy a new one for the same money? However, your newly purchased car is by no means a legendary car. Meanwhile, the Indy is an absolute cheap token today, considering that it cost 3 times as much as it did back in the ’70s.

And don’t worry, you don’t just pay for the name. Instead, you’re paying for a classic ’70s car that has a 320-horsepower V8 and can hit 60 mph in less than 7 seconds. While that doesn’t sound quick today, the point of owning a classic Maserati is not to take to the streets, but to enjoy the full experience of it that only a classic car like the Indy has.

7 Alfa Romeo Spider S2 – $10,000

The original Spider was sold as the Duetto, and even today, there’s an entire cult following it. You have Dustin Hoffman in graduation This is to blame. However, a Duetto in good condition will cost you up to $50,000. On the other hand, its lesser known sibling, Spider S2 only costs around $10,000.

While the S2 Spider isn’t quite as fast as you’d expect, it’s a very fun car to draw. Gentle handling, instant response, and a rare chassis catch your eye on a steamy summer’s day.

6 Triumph Stag – $7000

Triumph Stag took a long time to finally find its clients again. But honestly, it has a V8, a Michelotti-style chassis, and four seats; What could you want more than a classic ’70s movie? It’s a vehicle that can transport you and your family, plus luggage, in absolute style.

In addition, it looks great. If you’ve ever thought about buying a Stag, now is better than ever. Its prices are only on the rise, and in 10 years’ time, it will likely be a highly appreciated classic. So hurry up!

5 Ferrari 400 – 30 thousand dollars

If you’re tired of traditional Ferrari styling, we bring you the most funky Ferrari out there to this day. We’re talking about 400 of course. Pininfarina’s chassis design screams ’70s, meanwhile, the crazy V12 cranks out every time you turn it on.

The Ferrari 400 was introduced at the 1976 Paris Motor Show, along with the 400A, and has since been met with skepticism. What is the point of buying a Ferrari that doesn’t look like a Ferrari? Who would have thought that it takes 40 years for people to finally start appreciating gemstones?

4 BMW E21323i – $3000

The E21323i was finally a sedan that wasn’t boring. A remote sports car that can fit anyone out there. And most importantly, a four-cylinder engine was great for the time. The E21’s handling is surprisingly good, even by today’s standards. The ride is smooth and in the corners it works like magic.

But you expect nothing less from a classic BMW. However, the best thing is its price. You can find one in amazing condition for just $3,000, or even less if you’re lucky. It’s lively, cool, and comes from the ’70s. It should fix all your petrol boxes.

3 Mazda RX-7 – $3000

The Mazda RX-7 weighs just under 2,400 pounds, so 100 horsepower is enough to hit 60 mph in under nine seconds. But don’t get caught up in numbers. The real magic of the RX-7 was its simplicity. Only for people who want to enjoy a pure and primitive driving experience.

but that is not all. The RX-7 had a rotary engine, which at the time was just a step down from the turbine, plus it was attractive, and had pop-up headlights. And if you’re concerned about history, remember that the RX-7 engine, only the most advanced, brought the Mazda 787B to the gates of victory at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1991.
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2 Fiat 130 – $6000

The Fiat 130 might not be your first choice, the fast car from the ’70s. But hear us out, and you might change your mind. The 130 was among Fiat’s first big cars, and it’s one they’ve got to do quite well; A real achievement for them. In addition, it was quite technologically advanced for its time, with independent suspension, passive rear steering and four disc brakes.

After all, it’s a Pininfarina-designed car that costs just $6,000, although it has a low presence. All in all, it’s a great classic, with an excellent engine, and plenty of horsepower and torque. Don’t say we didn’t tell you when it cost twice the price in ten years.
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1 Lotus Elan +2 – $7000

The Lotus Elan + 2 is longer and heavier than the standard model. This may give you a bit of a lotus, but it gives you a more comfortable car as a result. However, remember that every Lotus owner, past or present, seems to talk about the car as if it were the most beautiful sports car in the world. And reviews do not change much about Elan +2.

In fact, the two seats don’t make it inferior to Elan, on the contrary; They give it its own character and style. Unfortunately, not many are available nowadays, so if you find one, don’t let it bypass you. Not to be overlooked is a 1970s four-seater that can hit 60 mph in less than seven seconds, while looking absolutely stunning and costing just $7,000.
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