10 cars that will make you poor with repairs

Whether you are in the market to buy used car Or brand new, keep in mind that the price includes maintenance and repair costs over time. Even vehicles that come with a warranty can be a rip off when you consider the cost of repair over a 10-year period. What’s even more interesting is that some of the vehicles you might think of as a bargain might actually be the most expensive car you can own over time. This is because over time, the cost of maintenance, tuning and repairs increases.

According to a review by Consumer Reports, European luxury vehicles are usually the most expensive to maintain and repair. Another thing to note is that getting a smaller, less expensive car doesn’t mean the repair cost will go down since most dealership parts and labor costs the same regardless of the car’s size. Moreover, some automakers require frequent and costly maintenance procedures which may put a hole in your pocket over time. Assuming you have to strictly follow the recommendations in the owners manual, here are the 10 most expensive cars to maintain and repair.

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10 2015-2016 Audi Q3

You might be tempted to get the Audi Q3 compact crossover because of its sharpness and agility, but wait until you know the maintenance/repair costs. You might think that because Q3 is half the size of Q7, the cost of repairs will be less, at least. But that is not the issue. And don’t even assume that because the Audi Q3 is made in China, you have to use the parts for peanuts.

According to an analysis by CarEdge, you’ll spend more than $11,957 maintaining and repairing an Audi Q3 over a 10-year period. This exceeds the maintenance costs of the average luxury crossover by a significant margin. The worst issues with the Q3 relate to the transmission, electrical components, and windshield.

9 Chevrolet Trax

Chevrolet introduced the Trax crossover in 2015 to compete with the Trailblazer. But since its introduction, Chevrolet hasn’t really invested in new technologies. While the average price for a new Chevrolet Trax is around $26753, you should be prepared to spend an average of $8,595 servicing the small Trax SUV for over a decade.

Trax parts that are most vulnerable to breakage include the engine, brakes and electrical components. You will spend approximately 32% of the vehicle purchase price on repairs alone. In the first year of purchase, you might only spend $280, but in about the twelfth year of ownership, the cost of maintenance comes to $1,835.

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8 Nissan Kicks

The truth is, you won’t get any kicks out of driving the Nissan Kicks, a compact crossover that costs an average of $21,428 new. While the price may sound tempting, keep in mind that you could spend up to $7,304 to repair kicks for 10 years.

But then, the cost of maintenance is not the worst thing about the Nissan Kicks. After spending that much money on maintenance, the Nissan Kicks will be worth just $6000 after 10 years of ownership. At just 30,000 miles, the cabin air filter, tires and brake system are due to be replaced.

7 2014-2017 Ford EcoSport

The Ford EcoSport is a stylish compact SUV for everyday driving. But before you spend over $25,531 on a brand new product, know that it’s very expensive to maintain, and its resale value drops dramatically over the years. The transmission, fuel system, and brakes are the parts that get the most down on the EcoSport.

The Ford EcoSport repair/maintenance costs about $8,743, but after 10 years, the resale value of a compact SUV drops to about $6,000. This is not a reasonable investment in cars that anyone might want to embark on.

6 Dodge Journey

Although the Dodge Journey is no longer in production, you might be tempted to get a pre-owned one due to its performance and sleek design. However, this may not be the best option, especially if you can’t squeeze in $10,133 for maintenance and repairs over 10 years.

From the sixth year of ownership, you may have to spend at least $1,000 to keep the Dodge Journey on the road. Even more worrying, the resale value drops by more than 60% after just five years of ownership. You will have to deal with problems such as rotor wear, brake failure and engine shutdown without warning.

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5 Chrysler Voyager

First, the Chrysler Voyager does well in terms of power, design, and pricing. But don’t let all of that fool you into thinking you’ll have a hassle-free ownership experience. You may spend up to $10,598 over 10 years maintaining a Chrysler Voyager. This represents approximately 35% of the cost of acquiring a new Voyager.

You can change the filter, tires, and oil about three times for the first 12,000 miles, spending up to $400. If you don’t think the Chrysler Voyager is a good automobile investment, you may want to consider the Honda Odyssey or Toyota Sienna.

4 BMW X1

The BMW X1 is powerful, sharp, and responsive, so you might be willing to pay more than $39,675 to get one. But what if we told you that the BMW X1 is one of the most expensive cars to keep running compared to its purchase price? It will cost you more than $17,691 to keep your BMW X1 in good condition for more than 10 years.

The probability of getting a major repair is up to 55% after 10 years of ownership. Perhaps this is why the BMW X1 does not top the sales charts. BMW X1 owners are likely to encounter problems such as brake and rotor failure, fuel pump failure and oil filter blockage.

3 Land Rover Discovery Sport

Land Rover offers a three-year, unlimited-mileage warranty for the Discovery Sport compact SUV, which may give you some reassurance, but what you might not know is that you’ll be squeezing out more than 34% of the purchase price to keep the Discovery Sport. On the road for more than a decade.

The Land Rover Discovery Sport costs $16,000 to maintain for more than 10 years. At 15,000 miles, the luxury SUV will be due for battery/cable servicing, filter and oil changes, cabin air filter replacement as well as lubrication of the hood joint, U-joints, trunk, shaft, and doors.

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2 Jeep Compass

The Jeep Compass is less expensive than the Renegade, so you may want to opt for it, but when it comes to maintenance and repair, there is basically no difference. You might spend up to $10,127 over 10 years to keep your Jeep Compass in good shape. However, the most common problems with the Jeep Compass relate to the engine, suspension, body and transmission.

Considering finding a Jeep Compass for around $24,000, you’ll spend more than 40% of the purchase price on repairs and maintenance alone. When you consider fuel costs as well, you can file for bankruptcy in no time.

1 Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class

The Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class is a luxury crossover that performs well in terms of comfort, performance and safety. But as you have already noticed, the maintenance of a luxury SUV costs a lot. Expect to spend roughly $13,911 in 10 years just to keep the GLA-Class on the road.

Prices for parts and labor for Mercedes-Benz are not cheap at all. Expect to spend over $100 on labor for just one hour. After the first six years of owning a GLA-Class, annual maintenance costs will be upwards of $2,000. Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class owners have reported problems including engine failure, oil leaks, starting engine overheating, and airbag failure.

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