😴 Snow nap means losing a job + Thayer meat + Mr. Kars the killer

Catching a Z in action when the snow is flying will get you fired. We have some sad news from Parma today – a local business that has been open for more than half a century is closing its doors. We’ve got the news you need and 3 things to do this weekend too.

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1) Cleveland Plow Driver postponed during the season’s biggest storm: Fox 8 I-Team

Snow plow driver in Cleveland was falling asleep City records appear for hours during the biggest snowstorm of the season. From midnight until five in the morning, the plow driver was supposed to be plowing the plot of Moni. Instead, Douglas McKenzie’s truck was parked in the garage, and the driver was being held for a long, long nap. That same morning, according to the Fox 8 I-Team, the driver was caught on camera plowing a private driveway.

The investigative records uncovered by I-Team get straight to the point:

  • “I was asleep during your work shift.”
  • “…Can’t tell where you are.”
  • “Your employment is terminated.”

City Councilman Kevin Bishop Says the board will demand answers and improvement.

Learn more from Fox 8 News

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2) The butcher closes after 5 decades: Choose Thayer Meat in Parma It was announced this week that it will be closing soon. The family butcher shop opened 56 years ago and has served customers from the same location at Pleasant Valley Mall at 7520 Broadview Road ever since.

  • “Widely known for his fresh cuts and the indelible personalities of the family who owns it,” Jordan Vandenberg wrote for News 5 Cleveland, “loyal longtime clients traveled to the neighborhood’s butcher shop to finally say goodbye.”
  • “It is sad that I made this decision,” he said. Maureen Thayer FonfjeldWho took over the shop from her father Robert. Work started. “I’m sorry Parma residents. I don’t want to say there are other meat markets, because I’m really (crazy) that they’re going to get my business.”
  • Thayer’s idle sale will last for a few weeks until it’s all over.

Read more at News 5 Cleveland and cleveland.com

Mike and Trina Tomola Kuznik were murdered in Cleveland in 2017.

3) “Mr. Karz” the killer cannot escape death: The Ohio Supreme Court, Thursday, upheld the death sentence handed down to Joseph McAlpin in 2019. McAlpin shot and killed Mike and Trina Tomola Kuznik In April 2017 at the Cleveland Auto Show on East 185th Street. He also killed their dog. The case became known as the “Mr. Kars” murders, so named because of the agent’s name. McCalpin defended himself at trial, then tried to get the lawyers appointed to help him disrupt his legal strategy.

More on WKYC.com

4) covidbal: Seven Cleveland Guardians coaches, including the manager Terry Francona, are listed on the MLB Health and Safety Protocol for COVID-19 after testing positive this week. Wednesday’s postponed match against the Chicago White Sox will be played on July 23 as a double-header. pitching coach Carl Willis He will direct the Friday game in Minnesota.

Cleveland.com has the details, WKYC.com has more

  • Ohio records 15,970 more cases of COVID-19 as state records 1 million coronavirus deaths (cleveland.com)
  • DeWine ordered flags at half of employees on the anniversary of the death of one million Americans from COVID (News 5 Cleveland WEWS)

5) Watching the night sky: The Eta Aquariids meteor shower peaked early Friday morning, but there’s still plenty of time to survey the skies this month and catch some stellar sightings over Ohio, including a total lunar eclipse and possibly the Tau Hercules meteor shower. Until May 28 or so, don’t rule out seeing a few Eta Aquariides — or meteorites with no apparent source, since meteorites fly any night, according to NASA.

More satellite details on the patch

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5 titles you must see

  • Youth Theater Productions by Bugsy Malone (7:30 AM)
  • Hindman Auctions watch shipment event (10:00 AM)
  • Tough Cubber 2022 @ BSR – Beaumont – Boy Scouts of America – Lake Erie Council (6:00 p.m.)
  • Terrace Series: Maura Rogers and the Bells (7:00 pm)
  • The Wizard of Oz – Ballet (7:00 pm)

social scene

  • Next neighbour, east of 185th St: “So I was so excited to finally have a fence in the yard, and now I see I have a groundhog living under the deck (removing) a raccoon visiting periodically and a black cat looking so comfy!—Oh, so many birds.” (Next Door)
  • Next neighbour, North Parma: “Hello. – I am looking to do a trade. Seasons worth garden maintenance for a generator. I am looking for 3 to 5 thousand watts of running power.. Can do weekly mowing, weeding, edging and, if necessary, hedges” (next section)
  • Next Neighbor, Puritas/W 150: “Blind puppy – My partner adopted this puppy. When I first heard about him I didn’t know what to think. Now that I’ve met her, I get it. She’s so cute!” (next chapter)

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Have a nice weekend, Cleveland. We’ll see you next week. In case you missed any news this week, you can follow up here.

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