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Here are today’s top five stories at The Haddams-Killingworth:

  1. Tonight is the peak viewing night for the rare alignment of five planets. This alignment will not appear again for decades, and it approaches its peak after the summer solstice when the crescent moon joins the parade. The procession of planets ÔÇö Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, in that order ÔÇö will be visible directly above the eastern horizon within an hour or so before sunrise through the end of the month, according to AccuWeather. The best time to celebrate is before 5 amon 24 June, when the crescent moon will join the procession of planets. The alignment of the planets can be seen without a telescope, although AccuWeather notes that Mercury may be difficult to determine because it is the darkest of the planets and will be lowest in the sky. (patch)
  2. Online home shopping can seem like a somewhat blind process. Pictures don’t always show all the fun little details, and they can sometimes make the top of the stabilizer look more spacious and shiny than it is in real life. This is where open houses come in handy: no more guesswork! Are you ready to see what’s out there? To help you , We have compiled a list of the three most recent scheduled open houses in the Haddams-Killingworth area.(patch)
  3. A new independent cafe has opened in Old Saybrook It has received great attention. Mad Coffee Roasters acquired the residence in the former Dunkin Donuts building, and is a small, family-owned roasting business, according to the business’s website. (patch)
  4. If you are used to swimming in Roger Lake at Old Lyme, Or if you frequent the lake for boating and fishing, you may want to know that according to an Old Lyme press release, “the lake He had a herbicide treatment for invasive aquatic weeds Determined by the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station on Thursday, June 23. The pond and lake connection performed the treatment as per DEEP permit: AQUA-2022-083. The only limitation of this treatment is that the water should not be used for irrigation from June 23 until June 30. Signs around the lake are placed at all access points. (patch)
  5. Looking for something fun to do this weekend in the nutmeg country? Here is a list of the 25+ things you can do on CT this weekend. What events and activities will you attend? (CT Insider)

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From my notebook:

  • Goodspeed Musicals: “Anne of Green Gables read for the first time on Saturday and we’ll give you a seat at the table! Join us for the world premiere starting July 15!” (Goodspeed Musicals via Facebook)
  • Killingworth Library Association: “Adult readers will not be left out of the fun this summer! Pick one of our Reading Challenge bookmarks for a chance to win some prizes! Read a book weekly from our collection, now through September 21 – make sure to read at least once.” (Killingworth Library Association via Facebook)
  • Haddam Historical Society – Arnold House Museum Thanks: Prospecting for Good Minerals at the Arnold House Museum June 25, 3 to 5 p.m. Join Higanum residents Rob Harlow and Kurt Chadwick with their hilarious band of ‘scouts’ young and old alike as they investigate. (Haddam Historical Society – Arnold House Museum thanks via Facebook)
  • Congregational Church in Killingworth, Union Carbide Corporation: “Congregational Church at Killingworth UCC Sunday 10am and Wednesday 7pm Bible Studies” (Congregational Church in Killingworth, UCC via Facebook)

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